Travel Tips for Booking Future Belize Vacations

by Louise Roe

We can all agree once travel reopens, we will all savor our next holiday that much more. With beautiful pictures and remote locations of Belize on our feeds to keep us daydreaming of travel, we are all looking forward to exploring again. Notably, on our next vacation or staycation. The future of travel is still unknown, but will only reopen once safe. You may also be asking yourself – when is the right time to book a future vacation? There is no definitive answer. In the meantime, we’ve put together some travel tips to keep in mind for your future vacation booking.

Domestic vs. International travel

If you are wanting to satisfy your travel itch, now is the time to go on a local staycation. With border closures limiting international travel, this is your time to enjoy all the amazing adventures you have in your home country. Travel is less risky, more affordable, and as an added bonus, you can help your local community during these uncertain times. With Belize now having no active COVID-19 cases, domestic travel is allowed once again. If you can, take advantage of local travel deals versus value received.

Check for flexible cancellation and rebooking policies

With the pandemic causing a stir in travel, many hotels, airline, and tour companies have revised their policies. Cancellations, future bookings, and rebooking policies for guests are now more flexible. Get familiar with their policies, and avoid any non-refundable travel. As a safety net, you can also purchase travel insurance. Majority have honored this crisis as “extraordinary circumstances” for cancellations, but nonetheless, its a valuable addition to safeguard your travel investment.

Use a local Travel Agent

Planning a trip after a crisis can be a little worrying due to the uncertainty, especially if you’re not familiar with the destination. Leave your Belize vacation planning to a local travel agent, such as ROEming Belize Travel Agency, that’s knowledgeable and there to help. For trip-planning purposes, a travel agent will advocate for their clients if, and when, things go wrong. Additionally, an agent’s personal connection and guidance go beyond just destination and product expertise. Also, let’s not forget that these agents have an inside scoop to hidden gems and uncommon bespoke adventures.

Go to untapped destinations

As social distancing becomes a norm, look to venture to destination such as Belize that allow you to experience remote and authentic experiences without the crowd. Belize has always been a welcomed escape into self-isolation. From our untouched islands, like Ray Caye, to far flung jungle lodges, like Hidden Valley Inn, you can enjoy the great Belizean outdoors in peace. Belize, being only a short flight away from many major US cities, make it another great reason to visit.

Ultimately, travel after COVID-19 will be forever be changed. Whether you decide to book in Fall, Christmas or in the New Year, just remember that Belize is worth the wait.

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