TravelOffPath: Belize Is an Underrated Central American Destination

by Khaila Gentle

A picture-perfect display of Central America’s diversity, Belize stands out among the other nations of the subregion, says travel publication TravelOffPath. This week, the online publication showed the country some admiration, listing five compelling reasons to visit. In addition to being a convenient choice for North America, thanks to being the only country in Central America with English as its official language, Belize is uncrowded, can be inexpensive, and is about to get a lot more accessible from the U.S.

TravelOffPath: “5 Reasons To Visit This English-Speaking Central American Country”

With Central America being one of the trendiest spots in the post-pandemic world of travel, Belize might just be the most underrated nation, notes TravelOffPath. While its neighbors were colonized by the Spanish, Belize came under the control of the British, with the influence of many of their customs and of course, their language still prevailing today.

“But there is a lot more to Belize than just its complex colonial past,” the article notes, going on to give five reasons travelers should give Belize a chance:

1. Belize is an uncrowded alternative.

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

With a population of just 400,000, Belize is the least crowded nation in Central America. Considering that off-the-beaten-path travel is a growing trend, this makes the country one of the most ideal destinations in the region.

2. It can be cheaper than in some places.

Photo © Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle

Because it is not as crowded as its counterparts and has yet to succumb to over-tourism, Belize is also affordable is some places. “Less-than-stellar AirBnBs and guesthouses in Tulum could cost a lot more” than even some luxurious retreats in Belize, says the magazine.

3. Belize has fewer communication barriers.


Caye Caulker, Belize. Image via @veveordie

With English as its official language, navigating travel in Belize becomes a lot easier. “You will have absolutely no major difficulties conversing with taxi drivers, hotel staff, or the friendly locals, the article reads.”

4. The country has a host of underrated Maya sites.

Photo by Aaron Colussi

Not exclusively a Mexico travel activity, visiting ancient Maya cities is quite popular on Belize itineraries. In fact, says TravelOffPath, Belize encompasses some of the best-preserved and most impressive Mayan cities of Antiquity. Caracol, anyone?

5. Belize is getting new non-stop flights from the U.S

airplane window caribbean

If connectivity is a deciding factor for where you travel, Belize should definitely be on your radar. JetBlue just announced that it will be offering flights to Belize from JFK International Airport – the first-ever non-stop service to the country from New York’s busiest hub.

Featured Photo: Rio On Pools by the Belize Tourism Board. This article was adapted from the TravelOffPath article “5 Reasons To Visit This English-Speaking Central American Country”. Read the full article here

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