Treat Yourself At Home With These Belizean Made Beauty Products

Another way to give to yourself is to treat yourself at home. Turn your bathroom into the spa of your dreams with the use of local Belizean-made beauty products. Many Belizeans choose to make their own beauty products at home using coffee, coconut oil, fruits, and herbs. Home remedies have been passed down through generations, slowly evolving into the beauty treatments practiced today. As such, a number of local entrepreneurs have capitalized on these remedies and offer professional-grade beauty products made with locally sourced organic ingredients. These locally-crafted exfoliating scrubs are sure to help in washing away the old to make way for the new.

Bare Bean

It is well known for its vitamin-infused coffee scrub with beans sourced from the mountains of Belize. This antioxidant scrub combines four natural ingredients native to the region-coffee, raw brown sugar, cacao, and coconut oil.

K&K Naturals

Specialized in herb and fruit-infused sugar scrubs for all parts of the body. Ingredients like eucalyptus, coconut oil, peppermint, tangerine, and grapefruit are just a few of the infusions to choose from.

Carpe Diem

Is another local beauty brand that uses coffee and coconut oil in its products. Their Mocha Mint Lip Kit combines an exfoliating lip scrub and moisturizing lip polish to soothe dry and cracked lips, leaving them feeling revitalized.

Ikooma Hair products

Using high quality sustainably farmed and hand-harvested Belizean seaweed, IKOOMA’s handcrafted natural hair care products fortify hair follicles with rich minerals for lustrous and healthy curls without harsh chemicals. IKOOMA’s seaweed provides an alternative livelihood to fisherfolk and tourism stakeholders in Belize and also renders a vital nursery to juvenile marine life. To join in the global effort to reduce plastic, IKOOMA asks customers to save product containers for return or refill.

The bathroom at Matachica Resort & Spa.

This new year, challenge yourself to shed your skin of yesterday to make way for the new you. A better tomorrow begins by loving yourself today, so treat yourself. Whether it’s a tropical spa retreat or a Belize-inspired beauty routine – or both – enjoy the process, and smile as you resolve to become the best version of yourself.

Written by Drea Reneau 

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