Two Unique Tours to Take in Belize in 2024

by Giulissa Hernandez

Belize City, while no longer the capital of the country, still holds onto the history of bygone years. What better way to learn about Belize’s colorful history than through an interactive experience or two? The next time you stop into the city, go beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in some rich heritage through two extraordinary tours. The Travellers Heritage Museum Rum Tour promises a sip-by-sip journey through Belize’s oldest rum maker, blending history with libations. Meanwhile, the Old Belize train ride serves as a time capsule, carrying passengers through the annals of logging and chicle production. Plus, learn where the best place to stay is when searching for the perfect home base for some Belize district exploration. 

Sip and Soak in Belize’s Spirit

Delve into the soul of Belizean rum history with the Travellers Heritage Museum Rum Tour. As the doors of Belize’s oldest rum maker swing open, guests are greeted not only by the heady aroma of aging spirits but also by the tales etched into every barrel. Traverse the distillery’s storied past, from humble beginnings to becoming a custodian of Belizean heritage.

Then, finish off by sampling an array of libations. You can even learn new skills when it comes to cocktail mixing! After all, Belizeans love a good cocktail. Learn some tricks, taste some new flavors, and return home with your own bottle to impress family and friends. 

A Journey Through Days Past

The Maya section of the Old Belize Train Tour. Image by Monica Gallardo Photography

All aboard the Baby Jaguar Express! Here, the rhythmic clatter of wheels becomes a time machine, transporting passengers through the annals of Belize’s history. As the train winds its way through lush landscapes, tales of logging and chicle production come alive.

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Traverse the very paths where the country’s economic foundations were laid, and witness the echoes of a bygone era unfold before your eyes. With five main eras of Belize being its focus, you’ll watch in real time how much this pocket-sized country has grown throughout the decade. It’s a voyage through the chapters that shaped Belize into the vibrant mosaic it is today.

Where to Stay When Exploring the Belize District

Photo Credit: The Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza

In the heart of the Belize district, the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza offers a welcoming retreat for travelers seeking comfort and convenience. With its modern amenities and warm hospitality, this accommodation becomes a haven after a day of exploration. Opulent suites, mouthwatering cuisine, and a lush property are all wrapped up in a package for you.  Not only that, but its accessibility has you at the epicenter of all your adventures. With the convenience of location, you can attend both tours in close proximity and still have time for a dip in the infinity pool when you get back. Allow the allure of Belize’s history to linger as you unwind in the comfort of your chosen abode.

Featured Photo by Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle. 

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