The Belize Collection’s Umaya Resort Is Calling

by Larry Waight

Did you know? The trends for seasonal travel are a-changin’. Once upon a time, late fall and winter vacations to the Caribbean could only be afforded by people with a ton of money, but the recent travel renaissance has turned that old axiom upside down. Our travel habits have changed as well—-plenty of globetrotters are trading summer travels for fall getaways, and for quite a few reasons. If you’re looking for an excuse to enjoy a pre-holiday-rush holiday, here are five great reasons to get out your luggage:

1. There are fewer people knocking around the Caribbean at this time of year. That means airline terminals won’t look like beehives. Plus, local transportation providers are more likely to pick you up for your flight on time.

2. Taking time off work won’t be as hard to do since everyone else has returned from their summer vacations. If your career offers you the benefit of paid time off (PTO), you’ll want to use those days before you lose them.

3. Get away from the frigid weather where your sense of humor disappears, your sinuses rebel, and you’ve had one too many slip-and-fall incidents on the ice. You’ll be able to trade your snow shovel for a beach pail and shovel!

4. Vacations abroad are festivals of delights for the mind, and the soul, especially when you choose a multi-cultural destination.

5. Of course, get to snag holiday deals in the late fall and early winter!


Looking for a destination that delivers more than you expect? Consider The Belize Collection’s Umaya Resort and Adventures. After vacationing at this southern Belize resort, you might even be tempted to make fall travels to the Placencia Peninsula a tradition for you and your pals.

One Part of An Enchanting Collection of Resorts 

The Belize Collection offers a fabulous selection of properties, each with its own unique charm. Located where the verdant Maya Mountains and a tranquil lagoon meet the Caribbean Sea, Umaya offers visitors the complete Belize experience.

Guests reside in lavishly appointed condos with either sea or lagoon views thanks to Umaya’s ideal location on the Placencia Peninsula. What’s more, this resort is small enough to qualify as a boutique property, but large enough to offer the perks and extras only found at posh Caribbean resorts.

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Enjoy an array of tropical amenities. That includes a thatch-roofed swim-up bar where you can sip on cocktails under the Belizean sun. Dine at the captivating Restaurante Laguna, serving up Belizean cuisine with a twist. After all, nothing beats dinner with complimentary lagoon-side views.

Start planning your Fall escape to Umaya and take advantage of current specials being offered by the Belize Collection.  Plenty of exciting tours, cultural experiences, and memorable adventures await! 

Photos by The Belize Collection                                  

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