Vacations for Mental Health: Why Now is Actually a Good Time to Start Planning a Trip to Belize  

by Larry Waight
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You may already know that a vacation can do wonders for your mental well-being but even the daydreaming about those far-off lands like Belize and putting in research toward a potential trip can do a world of good in boosting your mood. With Belize being a considerably safe place to go in a post-COVID world, now is the perfect time to start planning and researching a visit, even if your trip is months down the line. After all, everyone loves having things to look forward to.

The pandemic has taken a toll on more than people’s physical health, with isolation causing a toll on the mental wellness of many. That said, there are several small steps you can take to boost your mood. Many people are champing at the bit to see any place other than the inside of their home, or maybe their work if they are an essential worker. Planning a trip can do wonders for freeing the lead shackles on your mind. 

Belize is Open For All Comers

UPDATED-ENTRY-REQUIRements belizeBelize has been great at working through this health crisis and this has paid off in being quite capable of having international visitors come to visit her, either for the first time or because it is a regular thing. Maybe you were planning on vacationing somewhere that has not yet reached a point where travel is possible; this scenario is all the more reason why you should consider Belize as a vacation destination.

Belize safe for Americans

Photo by Roeming Belize

Belize has a gorgeous coastline and plenty of islands that offer sugar-white or golden-yellow sands. It also has a lush forest reserve along a mountain range for those tourists interested in seeing the country from high up. Travelers who were hoping to see major cultural landmarks will be overjoyed at all of the ruins and cultural remnants of the ancient Maya culture that dominated the region before the approach of European colonizers.

Cahal Pech Maya Site belize cayo

Cahal Pech Maya Site. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

The main thing that people need to do right now is to stay focused on positive thoughts and feelings. You might not be able to pack your bags right this very moment, but there is probably nothing that is stopping you from fostering the endorphins, the hormones responsible for giving you good feelings, by working through a bunch of pre-trip planning. Even the prep work, like researching notable sites within a given town or looking over the ratings and amenities of various Belize resorts, might be just what your brain and mood needed.

Lots of Flexibility

Rum_Shack-98 breakfast beach belize private

Photo courtesy Muy’Ono Resorts/Duarte Dellarole at Hopkins Bay

Travel companies are more than flexible in booking advance trips and some of these are more steals than deals. Some do not even need you to provide an exact date and only need a destination. For a good idea of where to look for quality deals, do consider visiting this page. Make sure to write down the names of all the places you plan to visit. And, also all of the things you want to do, then see which deals work for your vacation desires. So even if you’re not traveling yet, you can get to planning your Belize trip for your mental health. 

Header photo of Silk Caye courtesy of Duarte Dellarole.

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