Vacation in the Lap of Luxury with the Sand and Stone Package by Victoria House Resort

by Giulissa Hernandez

Imagine a vacation where the sun-kissed sands of the beach meet the ancient allure of stone-clad landscapes. On one hand, you can have the glittering Caribbean Sea stretching out for miles ahead as you swing on a hammock below a palm tree. On the other, you’re surrounded by foliage and enchanting wildlife as you hike nearby to a Maya temple. Now, which do you choose? When you’re trying to plan a vacation, the hardest part may be deciding where to stay! Between beachfront villas, rainforest cabins, and treehouse cottages, each one coaxes you with a promise of thrill and repose. Before indecisiveness tears your dreams apart, look no further than the Sand and Stone Package being offered by Belize’s Victoria House Resort and Spa. It’s a luxury package that promises to deliver big on best of both world experiences! 

Bask in the beauty of Belize’s beaches at Victoria House Resort & Spa. Photo courtesy property.

Victoria House Resort, a beacon of beachfront elegance on Ambergris Caye and Ka’ana Resort in the mainland Cayo district come together to curate a transcendent luxury experience. As the threat of looming decisions floats away, you get to enjoy the best of Belize in one single trip.  Let’s find out how.

The Sand and Stone Package: A Luxury Package for Your Belize Vacation


Victoria House’s Sand and Stone Package is an invitation to revel in the symphony of two worlds – one of powder sand beaches and another of ancient mysteries. For seven nights, you’ll be whisked away from home with royalty-like indulgence. Choose four nights by the sea and three nights in the jungles or vice versa. Included in the packages are snorkeling trips, Maya site excursions, and of course, spectacular meals and accommodations. An entire week of true relaxation and extraordinary experiences. It’s not just a vacation; it’s a seamless dance between coastal elegance and jungle enchantment.

Victoria House Resort’s Seaside Charm

Should you choose the first leg of your trip to be in Ambergris Caye, your first few days entail fun in the sun. Snorkeling trips, golf cart adventures, cocktails by the pool, and idle strolls on sandy white shores await — the highlight, of course, being your breathtaking casita. 

Wake up to the gentle melody of waves. With its elegant beachfront accommodations, Victoria House invites you to unwind in a world where luxury and tranquility harmonize. Take a dip in the pool and let the sun caress your cares away. And of course, don’t forget the package’s included meals of the day. At breakfast, have a hearty Belizean meal of fryjacks, beans, and bacon. Or, go all-out with classic pancakes and fruits! For dinner, savor 3-course meals prepared by some of the very best chefs on Ambergris Caye. This bubble of luxury pampers you like no other. 

Ka’ana’s Idyllic Daydream

Relaxing solo at Ka’ana Resort.

As the sun sets on the beach, bid farewell to Victoria House and embrace the allure of Ka’ana in the mystic Cayo district. Leaving the shores of elegance, venture into the heart of Belizean exploration in the rainforest. Surrounded by lush greenery, this stone-clad sanctuary beckons the inner adventurer within you. Embark on guided tours to ancient Maya temples, with options for a full-day exploration of Tikal, or Caracol. Or, choose to traverse hidden caves instead, at the renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal. Then, enjoy a half-day guided tour to Xunantunich or embark on a horseback riding adventure at Greenacres Ranch. At Ka’ana, every stone tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity for discovery.

After a day filled with adventure, you’ll succumb to the comfort of Ka’ana’s finest accommodations. A casita outfitted with an outdoor bathtub and cocooned by a flourishing garden. You’ll also get to savor decadent meals and tantalizing cocktails. 


This luxury package is a splendid amalgamation of what every vacation should be. It provides all the best experiences, with the rare opportunity to stay at two wildly different resorts. The two beautifully complement each other, while curating the best getaway of the year. Don’t wait, head on to the Victoria House Resort website and start your journey now with the Sand and Stone Package.

Featured: Victoria House Resort & Spa’s Luxury Villas and Infinity Suites exude opulence. Photos courtesy of property.

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