Why You Should Visit Hopkins Bay’s Rhum Shack This National Piña Colada Day

by Giulissa Hernandez

Mark your calendars for an occasion we wish was celebrated like an actual holiday: National Piña Colada Day! Celebrated on July 10th, this delightful occasion has us craving some velvety piña coladas already. While these delicious cocktails can be provided by practically any restaurant in Belize, we urge you to travel to the enchanting town of Hopkins for this special day. 


The newly renovated Rum Shack at Hopkins Bay. Image via Muy’Ono Resorts

Here, the Rhum Shack is ready to cater to your every piña colada need. Even better, their exquisite food menu pairs well with their spellbinding drinks. Sit back, let the breeze run through your hair, and sip on a refreshing tropical cocktail. Still not convinced? Here’s why we think a trip to the Rhum Shack is the ultimate way to enjoy National Piña Colada Day.

The Unrivaled Taste


While anyone can combine coconut milk, pineapple juice, and rum in a blender, it takes special skill to make a piña colada to perfection. The bartenders at the Rhum Shack possess such skills, and they’re not afraid to show it! They pride themselves in using only the finest ingredients, which include fresh pineapples, creamy coconut milk, and premium rum. There’s a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, making the tasting an entire experience on its own. 


I did not find a more delicious pina colada in the entire village!”

-Justin B. on TripAdvisor


Better yet, pair these heavenly cocktails with a delicious meal. The Rhum Shack is blessed in every facet, for their mouthwatering dining options are a must as well. Using ingredients harvested at the Muy’Ono farms, these meals hold an impressive blend of flavors. Indulge for lunch or dinner at the Rhum Shack and you’ll leave with a new favorite restaurant in your repertoire. 

The Captivating Beachfront Ambiance 

Palm trees swaying in the wind and reggae music filtering in the background are two key components of Rhum Shack’s charm. The atmosphere contributes to its already captivating appeal. Muy’Ono Resorts’ Hopkins Bay is already enchanting on its own. Now, imagine taking it all in on the shores where the restaurant rests.


Fusing a mouthwatering meal and drink with a truly breathtaking view of the ocean put the entire experience in a class of its own. Chat with friends or family as the sound of waves provides the perfect background ambiance. With soca, reggae, or calypso music playing, you’ll truly feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. 

Many may not even know National Piña Colada Day exists, so spread the word! Initiate some friends and family into the tradition of celebrating this delectable cocktail at Hopkins Bay’s Rhum Shack. Hopefully, it turns into an annual celebration for you!

Photos courtesy of Hopkins Bay, A Muy’Ono Resort

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