Here’s Why the San Ignacio Resort Hotel Is the Place to Stay When Visiting Cayo, Belize in 2024

by Larry Waight

If you’re an avid Internet surfer and you never met a travel magazine you couldn’t devour, finding the right place in the Caribbean for an upcoming vacation can be fun and confusing—especially if you’ve found yourself lured to destinations in the past, only to find chaos because staffers were indifferent, the resort was overbooked, and onsite amenities either required skillful scheduling or were less than compelling.

Perhaps it’s time you considered a different kind of Caribbean experience; one that’s authentic and unique, two words used by repeat visitors preferring the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Belize to all other properties. Even the name is memorable. This resort hotel caters to people who seek an experience that outdoes all others. At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, a mix of lush tropical environs and exotic onsite experiences makes this destination unique.

The Man Behind the Brand


San Ignacio Resort Hotel first opened in 1976. Image courtesy SIRH

Belize native, Mr. Escandar Bedran, is best described as visionary. Even at an early age, he knew that his future was destined to be entwined with Belize’s hospitality industry. He opened his first establishment in his hometown of San Ignacio in 1958 and named it the Stork Club. The name was inspired by New York City’s iconic cocktail bar. After the club’s devastating fire in 1968, he committed to rebuilding. He also commited to pursuing his ultimate dream of owning a family hotel, breaking ground for the property now known as The San Ignacio Resort Hotel in 1973.

The sheer majesty of this property was so compelling, it hosted Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and in later years, Prince William and Princess Catherine. While a stay at this property draws people who aren’t royalty (but who like being treated like royalty), return guests are delighted by all-inclusive packages that eliminate decision making so they have more time to explore surroundings and amenities.

Photo courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Your stay amid verdant surroundings, proximity to the town of San Ignacio, and the Herculean effort the Bedran family makes to showcase Belize’s ancient heritage and wildlife causes will win your heart. Plus, you won’t have to go far to see the #1 tourist attraction in town because the Green Iguana Conservation Project is under roof!

What Can You Expect From Your Stay?

Alongside cozy accommodations fit for royalty, enjoy gourmet dining at the award-winning Running W Restaurant where farm fresh meals are always on the menu. Meanwhile, onsite activities are as exciting as they are varied. While you will likely find it difficult to tear yourself away from this sanctuary, the breadth of off-site adventure tours also offers endless possibilities.

Further, guests are always delighted to discover the many in-room spa treatments available. Enticed? Take advantage of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s current list of specials and discounted deals. They might just have you running to request a break from work to plan your next vacation.

The Perfect Stay When Visiting Cayo in 2024

Whether 2023 is a year you would as soon forget, or you’re celebrating your some good fortune, a trip to Belize is the ideal getaway. As the hope and promise of a new year inches closer, what better way to welcome 2024 than by treating yourself to a tropical sojourn? At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, one family’s dream can become your family’s enchantment.

First things first, eager traveler. Whether you prefer to book on line or you’re so inspired you want to pick up the phone this minute, schedule your visit. Either call the toll-free phone number at +1-855-494-6639, or book online. Start searching for those suitcases as well as sleuthing out affordable airline tickets. You’re going to need both!

Photos by San Ignacio Resort Hotel

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