Why you should make Naia your next Wellness Destination

by Megan Rodden

Famed psychiatrist and celebrated self-help-author, Jean Shinoda Bolen, said “When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

Self-care isn’t a new concept but in recent times it has taken on a new countenance and importance.  With the contemporary and shifting stresses of modern life, we’re having to adapt the ways we care for ourselves.  To protect and improve our health- physically, mentally, interpersonally- we must mindfully practice and pursue a lifestyle that balances work and relaxation, inclusion and escape.  Travel can be the ultimate medicine in your arsenal of self-care treatments.  Literally “getting away from it all” and removing yourself physically from your typical environment and daily routines can be a powerful remedy for fatigue.  

Wellness vacations, digital detox retreats, and couples or family unity trips are gaining popularity among travelers.  Travel broadens your experiences, exercises your emotions, lifts your spirits, and if you so choose- can challenge you physically.  Removing yourself from the usual distractions can provide a superb setting to assess your psyche, reconnect with loved ones, and find peace within yourself.  Traveling for self-care might look different to different people as the activities you pick to enrich or replenish yourself will vary; hiking versus hammock time, for example.  However, there are certain principal practices, generally speaking, that everyone’s self-care regimen can benefit from.  Good sleep, adequate exercise, wholesome food, enriching experiences, and nourishing relationships are common denominators in one’s well-being.  A good vacation always includes these things as well.

Retreat in the Caribbean

Belize is a beautiful destination in which to practice self-care travel and Naia Resort and Spa is the ultimate haven at which to re-charge your batteries.  Their tag-line, ‘Escape to Naia’, is simply put and perfectly descriptive of the guest experience.  It is truly an escape; seclusion and privacy are paramount.  Their thoughtfully designed rooms and villas afford a feeling of solitude but are within easy reach of resort amenities, unique adventures, and exceptional spa experiences.  Beachfront villas are designed with spaces in mind to both be alone and come together in comfortable luxury.

The affable and accommodating staff at Naia strive to tailor your getaway to your personal preferences.  They’ll arrange private chefs to prepare your meals in your home-away-from-home or can have the resort’s restaurants supply special menus.  Fresh and flavorful, locally sourced ingredients are always featured and traditional Belizean cuisine is showcased in innovative ways.  You can have immersive cultural tours or adrenaline inducing adventures planned to lead you through discoveries and expand the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Escape to Naia


Naia’s onsite spa promises transformational wellness experiences.

In Naia you are surrounded by nature.  The property comprises of 200 acres of private reserve and is a sublime location for quiet meditation.  The Spa Rituals at Naia are a resplendent experience.  Individual, over-the-water treatment suites are tranquilly tucked in to pristine littoral forest and placid lagoon.  After a massage or beauty treatment, reflex by the private pool or linger over a fresh natural juice and light bites.  The fitness center and yoga studio offer opportunities to flex and stretch in group practices or on your own.  Nourishing your body and mind will feel effortless in a setting this serene.

Vacationing for wellness is an investment in yourself—in the health of your body, mind, and relationships.  Return home renewed and with a fresh perspective.  A retreat to Naia Resort and Spa promotes positive well-being; the respite can improve your immune system, increase productivity, and reduce anxiety.  Set your own well-being goals; what nourishes your soul and brings you joy?  Maybe making room in your life for a care-cation is just what the doctor ordered.

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