What Makes a Vacation Rental the Top Choice for Family Travels

by Khaila Gentle

From having enough space for everyone to spread out to having the amenities that make for a convenient trip, sometimes finding accommodation options that check all the boxes for a fun and hassle-free family vacation can be, well, a hassle. Perhaps that’s why the vacation rental industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries in travel and tourism. After all, nothing beats a stay that’s as private as it is enjoyable. Thinking of embarking on a multi-gen adventure in 2024? Here’s why, when it comes to family travel, vacation rentals just make sense, especially when it comes to Placencia, Belize-based vacation rental group Gecko Vacation Rentals.

Why Book Multiple Rooms When You Can Have a Home to Yourself

Island Time Gecko in Placencia Village. Photo by Gecko Vacation Rentals

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages that a vacation rental stay has over your typical hotel is the space. Quite often, families struggle to find hotel rooms large enough to accommodate a group larger than four persons and usually end up having to book multiple rooms. With vacation rentals, families enjoy the luxury of having the entire property to themselves, multiple bedrooms and all.

When Amenities (And Activities) Are King

Board games and billiards at Island Time Gecko. Photo by Gecko Vacation Rentals

From the kids to the kids at heart, being able to keep everyone occupied and entertained, even when not out on an adventure, can quickly become a deal breaker when it comes to a vacation. Luckily, many rentals offer unique amenities like games, water sports, TVs, and in some cases, even an entire game room. Beyond the games and toys, vacation rentals also come equipped with kitchens and sometimes even a washer and dryer, which takes all the stress out of meals and laundry.

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In Belize, take things a step further with natural settings that make for simple but memorable adventures. From the beaches of Placencia to the sparkling Caribbean sea, the one-of-a-kind settings of some vacation rentals can add an extra layer of “wow factor” to your family trip.

The Vacation Rental Group That Goes Above and Beyond in Belize

Beyond your regular resort stay, and even beyond the average vacation rental stay, Gecko Vacation Rentals offers intrepid traveling families special perks that make all the difference in a multi-gen vacation. It’s what the company likes to call the Gecko Difference, and it includes everything from laundry services to a concierge and private chef.


With options ranging from private villas to entire private islands, Gecko Vacation Rentals is an easy choice for families who have their sights set on the gorgeous landscapes of southern Belize. Take advantage of being able to combine all the amenities you’d enjoy at a high-end resort (from daily housekeeping to add-ons like spa services) while enjoying the privacy of a vacation rental alongside features like fully-equipped kitchens and dining spaces, and private pools. Gecko’s diverse rolodex of private islands and villas are even pet-friendly, welcoming small cats and dogs.

Little Harvest Caye

Book a group trip to Little Harvest Caye, where family-friendly fun combines with exclusive island life. Or, opt for a beachfront villa like the two-story Island Time Gecko. It’s set in the heart of Placencia Village, making it ideal for families seeking to immerse themselves in Belize’s culture, food, and activities. Regardless of which vacation rental you choose, though, contact Gecko to have them put together the perfect stress-free family vacation for you!

Featured: The Island Time Gecko Villa. Photos courtesy of Gecko Vacation Rentals

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