Where To Enjoy Garifuna Food In San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

by Dion Vansen

Local traditions and cultural activities are almost on everyone’s bucket list when traveling to other countries. That’s why when you’re visiting Ambergris Caye, you can be sure to enjoy some of Belize’s cultural riches, including its food. Just south of downtown San Pedro Town on Seagrape Drive is the Garifuna Black and White Restaurant and Cultural Center. Owned and operated by retired teacher Julia Martinez, the cultural experience will take care of your appetite and enlighten your visit to the island with fun historical facts about this vibrant Belizean culture.  

What You Can Expect At Black and White Restaurant

Dressed in their traditional Garifuna outfit, Teacher Julia and staff welcome visitors and introduce them to their unique cuisine. Most of the time the food is served buffet-style with different options to choose from. Speaking with Teacher Julia, the most common Garifuna dishes served at Black and White Restaurant for dinner and the most on-demand include Hudut, Bundiga, Sere, Ereba (Cassava bread), and Darasa. They also specialize in conch soup, whenever this seafood is in season. 

Did these names sound strange to you? Do not worry, you will learn all about them while at Black and White Restaurant, but for sure you will enjoy the feast. Following the scrumptious meal, Teacher Julia and her staff will be more than happy to walk you through the various aspects of their unique cuisine and the history of the Garifuna culture. The experience at this traditional restaurant does not end there, now we need to learn about their music as well while we digest that delicious food. Not only enjoy some fun drumming but take advantage of the opportunity to learn to play this ancestral instrument which identifies the Garifuna people and music.  

Images via BTB.

This unique experience in San Pedro can only be enjoyed at the Black and White Restaurant and it is highly recommended when seeking that nuke in town with the cultural flair. While you read about what you can eat and experience at Black and White Restaurant and Cultural Center, do not miss the opportunity to visit it and enjoy all it has to offer on your next trip to San Pedro. Not to mention, Black and White Restaurant and Culture Center won the top prize at the 2022 Lobster Fest Food Competition for their lobster hudut. 

Images via TripAdvisor.

Tucked away on the south side of the island, dine with live entertainment from the Garifuna culture while staff often play a video to give a history to diners. The Black and White Restaurant opens every day and even accommodates special requests. Your immersion into the full Garifuna culture on Ambergris Caye typically begins at 5:30 pm, with reservations made via phone at (501)605-2895, or through their Facebook page here

All other images not captioned courtesy Black and White Restaurant.

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