Where To Go In Belize, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Gisselle Hernandez

The Mayas often looked to the stars for otherworldly wisdom they could not seek on Earth. From glimpses into the mysteries of the universe to tracking the movement of the moon, astrology was second only to breathing for the Mayas. It makes sense, then, that travel could also be impacted by the stars — even today. There’s a reason we feel at home in some places and strange in others. Do you long to get lost in the heart of dense jungles? Or do you prefer to tan three shades darker against a coconut tree on the islands? Luckily Belize offers both — and more — when catering to different types of travelers. To prove it, we’ve used astrology as our guide to suggest the best places to go in Belize based on your Zodiac sign. 

Aries – Zip Lining and Cave Tubing at Nohoch Che’en Caves 

nohoch che'en cave tubing kayaking belize cave

Nohoch Che’en Cave. Image by Henry Georgi / Getty Images

You’re a fiery spirit, Aries, so it’s only natural we send you to the energy-filled region of Western Belize. To expel some of that adrenaline, try a zip lining and cave tubing combo at Nohoch Che’en Caves near the City of Belmopan. Soar through the jungle after you’ve waded through spooky cave networks older than Belize. 

Where to stay: Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge. Aries hates being bored, and the jungle resort of Sleeping Giant Lodge is far from it. Whether you decide to stay on the property with the ducks or explore the nearby hills with meandering creeks, each adventure will be more exhilarating than the last. 

Taurus – Chocolate Making in San Ignacio Town 

Images via Ajaw Chocolate 

Taurus, if there’s one foodie on the Zodiac list, it’s you. As someone who has a refined palate and a tendency to imitate any recipe you come across, chocolate-making will be your Nirvana. Check out Ixcacao’s or Ajaw’s chocolate-making classes in San Ignacio Town to learn where your favorite sweet treat comes from. 

san ignacio resort hotel

The Master Suite at SIRH.

Where to stay: San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Rigid and stoic, the bulls of the Zodiac don’t like to be inconvenienced – but they don’t need to in Belize. SIRH is the perfect harmony of jungle escapes while still being conveniently close to town. Tauruses can hunker down at this historic resort while being steps away from nature for renewal. 

Gemini- Exploring Maya Temples 

Intellectually curious Geminis need an experience truly enriching to feed their cultural diet. A journey to exploring Belize’s oldest structures will not only be educationally rewarding but fun, too. Use San Ignacio as your base when exploring the abandoned cities of Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, or Caracol

Where to stay: Ka’ana Resort. The astrological twins need a space that broadens their perspectives without being predictable. The boutique Ka’ana Resort has a certain uniqueness with a flair for luxury that Geminis will be grateful for. 

Cancer – Detoxing near the Ocean 

Aerial of Matachica Resort.

The ocean calls to you, Cancer, and it’s about time your zodiac finally answered with Belize. As a cardinal water sign, Cancers want to spend their days lounging near lulling waves while elevating their physical experience to the next level. A detox from the world is just what you need, and the perfect place to do it is northern Ambergris Caye where the crowds are scarce and the beauty plentiful.

Matachica Resort room mural

Where to stay: Matachica Resort. A day eating organically fresh seafood on the beachfront could only be prefaced by a stellar massage on the beach. Matachica is a haven of rejuvenation for fellow Cancers. 

Leo – Island Partying in Ambergris Caye

Leos by definition are party animals whose vibes are contagious and eclectic. They will thrive in an environment that reciprocates that energy, and San Pedro town is their playground. Try bar hopping across the party island to make new friends and racking up rambunctious anecdotes. 

Since Alaia Belize is a Marriott property, you can book a stay on points alone.

Where to stay: Alaia Belize. The Marriott-branded five-star resort is the one place that could hold Leo’s energy while offering them the epitome of luxury. For the Leos wanting to go out with a bang, a helicopter flyover tour of the island ties a neat bow to the trip. 

Virgo – Wellness Retreat in Placencia

Ambitious Virgos need to relax more than anything, so a state-of-the-art wellness experience is right up your alley. Itz’ana Resort will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and help you find a newfound appreciation for your health and wellness. 

Where to stay: Itz’ana Resort. Overachieving Virgos will be happy to learn that yoga classes are available for guests every Tuesday & Friday morning, or on demand for $15. 

Libra – Waterfall Chasing in Mountain Pine Ridge 

Libras are always on the hunt for beauty and art, and Mountain Pine Ridge offers both in one fell swoop: its verdant landscape. The air signs see the world as their canvas, a masterpiece that can easily be captured in the mountains of Pine Ridge. 

Where to stay: Gaia Riverlodge. The eco-lodge is etched onto the cliffs of Mountain Pine Ridge and holds a stunning waterfall at its base. Libras can spend their days on the man-made “island” and capture the scenery either through poetry, painting, or photography.

Scorpio – Diving the Great Blue Hole 

great blue hole belize

Stalactites of the Great Blue Hole. Photo by Antonio Busiello/WWF

Scorpios are always intrigued by things greater than themselves, and what could be greater than Belize’s most prized attraction? The Great Blue Hole, a composite of Belize’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, makes for an extravagant expedition for Scorpios. 

Where to stay: Grand Caribe Belize. Should you prefer to see the underwater marvel from above, Grand Caribe partners with Astrum Helicopter for a flyover tour of the Blue Hole. 

Sagittarius – Hiking Victoria Peak 

Victoria Peak in the distance. Image by Roni Martinez

Sagittariuses are often on the hunt for transformative experiences and in Belize, most of them lies at the summit of astounding mountains. The air signs should traverse the precarious yet rewarding pilgrimage to Victoria Peak. Here, they can kill two birds with one stone by connecting with nature and wildlife while embarking on a grand journey. 

Where to stay: Hidden Valley Inn. The jungle inn offers a miniature version of intense hiking via its numerous trails and hidden waterfalls

Capricorn – Sunset Sailing in the Caribbean Sea

Image via Belize Sailing Vacations.

The earth signs may be idealists but they can also be pragmatic when needed, steering the proverbial wheel whenever they can. A sunset sailing experience off an island is their ideal bet, especially if they get to steer the catamaran on their own. 

Ray Caye’s Honeymoon Villa sits directly in front of the breaking shoreline.

Where to stay: Ray Caye Island Resort. Hop aboard Ray Caye’s Hobie Wave Cat for an experience you can control while also enjoying the scenery. 

Aquarius – Coffee Tour in Southern Belize 

The innovators and humanitarians of the list, Aquarians are entranced by processes rarely seen by the common man. A coffee cupping class in the deep jungles of Southern Belize offers a transcendental experience while being entertaining. 

Copal Tree Lodge belize Punta Gorda toledo southern

Copal Tree Lodge is the definition of agritourism-chic with its organic farm and 12,000 acre nature reserve.

Where to stay: Copal Tree Lodge. The Toledo resort offers a coffee cupping class where the air signs can experience an in-depth coffee tasting, perfect for their Zodiac’s time in Belize. 

Pisces – Volunteering at a far-flung island 

The dock at Coral Caye, a Coppola hideaway. Image via Aaron Colussi/Turtle Inn

What’s more befitting for a Pisces than staying near a body of water thriving with life? The fish signs believe if an island is further flung, the better. They can give in to their eco-consciousness by giving back, as well. 

Sandy floors in Coral Caye’s tropical-hued cottages are barefoot perfect.

Where to stay: Coral Caye by Coppola. At this Coppola Hideaway, guests can help plant mangroves and can also partake in lionfish hunting expeditions to assist Belize’s ecosystems. 

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