Why Belize should be your post-COVID wedding destination

by Gisselle Hernandez

Belize’s reopening in October 2020 brought back adventurous jetsetters eager to experience the tropical destination. Now, as we enter the summer months, Belize’s open doors are welcoming back a time that was dearly missed: wedding season. The term “June wedding” isn’t as popular in Belize with the weather being warm all year long, but there is an undeniable peak in summer. Vaccinations and health protocols are fueling travel confidence, so it’s no surprise couples are once again planning destination weddings. Yes, you can still have the fabulous wedding of your dreams post-Covid in Belize! This is true especially in a place that seems like it was built to make you feel safe without sacrificing your wedded wishes.

Your choice of unique venues

Sure, Belize is known for the barefooted, palm-tree studded wedding ceremonies, but there’s much more to that than you thought possible. Think waterfall weddings, sand-bar weddings, and heck – even Maya ruin weddings! The biggest pro of having your wedding at any of these venues at a time like this? The guarantee of wide, open spaces. Sauntering onto the grounds at Xunantunich, you will notice the glaring absence of crowds. Exchanging vows below gushing Big Rock Falls in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve? Talk about seclusion. Even if you go traditional with a beach wedding, Belize has more than enough sand bars and private islands to choose from. Social distancing will be an automatic check off your list when wanting a safe yet thrilling wedding.

Proximity is your friend

It’s true, many newcomers might have never heard of Belize prior to planning a trip, but that doesn’t mean it’s a far-flung destination. Belize is only a few hours away from most major U.S. airports, so no jet lag will be keeping you back from continuing wedding planning as soon as you land. Fewer layovers mean less time spent in very crowded airports, which is a concern during these times. Speaking of short distances, if you pair your honeymoon destination with your wedding one you can hop from one region in Belize to the other in less than a day. There’s no fuss in trying to allocate more days or time spent traveling from one resort to the other.

It’s all in good hands

Belize is teeming with resorts offering both stellar wedding and honeymoon packages. Take Ka’ana Resort in San Ignacio, for example, whose signature recommended venue is atop a Mayan temple. There’s no better backdrop for a trailing wedding dress than Xunantunich’s looming “El Castillo.” Want something more low-key with all of the magic? Get married in Ka’ana Resort’s backyard, a lush garden right on the property.

Enjoy a private dinner at Ka’ana Resort. Image via property.

Even the resort itself screams romance, from its intimate on-site restaurant La Ceiba to its mind-boggling luxury suites. They even provide a dedicated wedding coordinator and six-member culinary team to take care of everything. At a place like that with people like those, your only worry will be not wanting your love-filled day in Belize to ever end. Now, in post-Covid landscape, it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams in Belize.

Header image via Ka’ana Resort.

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