8 Reasons Why Around the World Travel is Good For You 

by Larry Waight

Traveling has a number of benefits. Even if you have little cash, cheap flights exist. Even if you are raising a family with a full-time job, you still have the weekends and holidays available. This article is all about highlighting the many mental and physical benefits of visiting other countries.

Better Health

You spend less time in one spot when traveling. Moving around, especially around towns, can do wonders for depression and anxiety.

You Better Understand Different Cultures

Traveling to foreign lands improves empathy and comprehension of people who live and act very differently to you. Consuming media about a place does not compare to discovering that place and its people firsthand.

You Become More Interesting

Mention that you have been to another country and at least one person will beg you to tell them about your experience.

You Get to Eat Amazing Dishes

Photo Courtesy: Sleeping Giant

Every region is known for at least one specialty food and even if you can have it at home, chances are high that you will have an entirely different experience eating it in its homeland.

You Can Appease Your Inner Adventurer

The entrance of ATM Cave. Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography

While the world is quite connected, there are little things that few tourists know about. The point of adventure is to seek novelty and leave your comfort zone. This may sound scary but the end result will be a better you.

You Grow Your Circle of Influence

Photo Courtesy Grand Caribe

Travel lets you make friends and contacts that you might otherwise never make. The kindly stranger you meet during one trip may become one of your most trusted lifelong friends.

You Create Eternal Memories

Traveling leaves a strong impression. Strong impressions makes it easy to recount your experiences and are arguably the main reason why most people travel multiple times.

You Appreciate Home More

While your homeland is a constant in a chaotic world, you can always go back to it even if the version of yourself who comes home is not the same person that left.

If these many benefits have got you eager to travel, you may be curious about where to make your first destination. Belize is arguably one of the best locales imaginable. Not only do Belize’s many natural vistas provide countless adventures, but the food is amazing and a diverse array of different cultures call it home. 

Feature Image Courtesy Belize Tourism Board

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