Could This Caribbean Island Be A Digital Nomad Haven?

by Khaila Gentle
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We already know that Caye Caulker is often a go-to destination for solo-travelers and backpackers, but could it also be a digital nomad haven, too? According to one publication dedicated to all things nomadic, it is. This week, Nomads Embassy listed Caye Caulker among the Thirteen Best Places for Digital Nomads in Central America.

“With an affordable cost of living, vibrant culture, gorgeous cities, and ideal weather, Central America is one of the top destinations for digital nomads traveling the world and working remotely, ” wrote Nomads Embassy.

According to the publication, Central America is the ideal destination for any digital nomad that’s adventurous and loves nature (think beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls). It’s also a great location for anyone who loves the Spanish language or is hoping to learn. And, the same can be said for Belize, which is geographically Central American and culturally Caribbean. As such, this small but eclectic nation offers the best of both worlds to anyone looking to experience both regions.

Caye Caulker: A True Island Paradise

Enjoying island life in Belize. Image via Meritt Thomas/Unsplash

Just off the coast of mainland Belize lies the small limestone coral island that is Caye Caulker. With an unmistakeable “go slow” atmosphere and a captivating island vibe, the caye, which is a mile long at its widest point, offers a refreshing contrast to its larger and more lively counterpart, Ambergris Caye. Nomads Embassy calls it “a hidden gem for digital nomads looking for a laid back tropical destination.” And, in doing our own research, Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle found that many agree with this sentiment.

While not without its challenges, like finding good places outdoors for conference calls (One nomad recommends Ice N Beans Cafe or Namaste Cafe for good WiFI) being a digital nomad in Caye Caulker is more than possible.

But perhaps the best part of all when it come to being a digital nomad on this small slice of paradise is that you can take advantage of Belize’s Digital Nomad Visa and stay for up to six months.

Belize’s Digital Nomad Visa: What to Know

remote work digital nomad belize beach placencia

Quit the daily grind in Belize. Photo courtesy Carolee Chanona

In February 2022, Belize launched the Digital Nomad Visa as part of its Work Where You Vacation Program, becoming one of the 51 countries that offer this temporary residency permit. The visa is open to everyone working for a company that’s based outside of Belize. There are also a few other requirements. You must:

  • Show proof of employment outside of Belize (min annual income of USD $75,000 for individuals, USD $100,000 for couples/families)
  • Share a notarized banking reference and statement of account
  • Supply a clear criminal record (no more than 6 months old)
  • Possess a valid passport
  • Carry a travel insurance policy (min. US $50,000 coverage)

The application process is simple and involves filling out an online form with the Belize Immigration Department. After getting approval, travel to Belize with the necessary documents, pay the Work Where You Vacation fee at the airport, and enjoy a maximum of 180 days experiencing Belize.

And that’s it! Ready to embrace island life as a digital nomad in Belize?

Featured Photo via Unsplash

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