Belize Facts

by McNab Editorial Team
Belize Facts

Belize Facts

You’ll often hear Belize referred to as “The Jewel”, “The Best of Both Worlds”, “A Cultural Melting Pot”, or “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”. While the references are certainly cliché, they are nothing short of true. Belize is ethnically, culturally, and ecologically diverse. Our population is small but our natural bounty is great!


Belize not only possesses white sand beaches and island breezes, but also boasts the only Jaguar Reserve in the world, The Second Largest Barrier Reef in the world, is the only English speaking country in Central America, and is home to many Ancient Maya archeological sites – just to name a few treasures.

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The Geography

Belize is located in Northern Central America facing the Caribbean Sea and bounded by Mexico to the North and Guatemala to the west and south. Belize is known for its wealth in biodiversity in both marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The People

Often described as a cultural melting pot, most Belizean’s are of multiracial descent. The main ethnic groups are the Maya, Mestizo, Kriol, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Asian, and Middle Eastern.

The Culture

Located in Central America, there are plenty of Latin and Mesoamerican influences embedded in the society, however, Belize is also a Caribbean nation and you will find a unique fusion of both.

The Food

A reflection of the people and culture, Belizean cuisine is a colorful, historically rich and tasty medley of all its ethnicities. You will find tamales, the traditional breakfast fry jack to cassava bread, rice & beans and escabeche just to name a few dishes. Belizean food is delectably diverse.


The exchange rate in Belize is $2 BZD = USD$1, but no need to worry about changing your money to Belize dollars as U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere in the country!


Tipping in Belize is welcomed and appreciated. There is no tip too big or too little. Generally, however, your tip in the U.S. will work in Belize too.

Restaurants 15% – 20%
Spa staff 10% – 15%
Tour guides US $5-10, (USD $20 – $40 for a family of 4)

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