Private Islands

Belize has over 200 islands and choosing one to visit may be difficult but we are making it easier with our top pick!


While Belize is known to have a plethora of tiny islands that offer a multitude of marine tours, there are quite a few of them that remain unparalleled when it comes to isolating in the lap of luxury. It seems to vacation on private islands will be on the rise come 2021, perhaps influenced by the need for places to be free of crowds. Here’s why you should choose a private island in Belize.


Short boat rides from the mainland. Many award-winning private island resorts are situated not too far off from the mainland, making for a quick and easy boat trip. Most of the islands can be accessed through a licensed Tour Operator or by the accommodations themselves.


“Private” means private. Most notably, many of the private islands are exactly that – void of any other people other than you and your family/friends. On some resorts, staff stay on a nearby island and are available on call. This means you truly get to enjoy an entire Caribbean island to yourself and your loved ones! Talk about isolation. You can also just get a feel of a private island for the day by making a day trip to Goff’s Caye, Silk Cayes, or Laughing Bird Caye. These cayes receive visitors but are not overcrowded since they are in reserves and the number of tours is closely monitored.


Budget-friendly. Unlike many of the well-known private islands in the neighboring Caribbean, some of the private islands in Belize are somewhat more accessible and budget-friendly. Especially if you are planning to split costs with friends, you get a great bang for your buck while enjoying the luxury of being a private island guest.


Views for days. Some islands in Belize have cabanas literally over the water, giving waking up to the ocean a whole new meaning. Fling open your suite doors to reveal the vast Caribbean Sea and its barrier reef, which, by the way, you can explore on tours while staying at the island!


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