Why North Americans Flock to Belize to Start a New Life

by McNab Editorial Team
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If you’ve spent any time in Belize before, the first thing you’ll realize is that life is at an easy-going, slower pace than that of its North American Neighbors, and while life in the fast lane is fun, there comes a time when we all have that longing to sit back, relax and enjoy what you’ve worked for, and Belize is the perfect place for that. While Belize is an investment haven and has many opportunities in real estate and income-generating options, the lifestyle this tiny country can offer is one of its greatest assets.

Easy to Commute

1.No more 1-2 hour commute to work, there’s no traffic in Belize, it’s non-existent.

2. The location is perfect, not only for traveling back to North America to visit family and friends but as a hub to explore Central and South America. With daily direct flights to El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, and Honduras, you can easily expand your travel horizons to these countries and beyond.


What Living in Belize is Like

3. 365 days of Sunshine. There is no winter season in Belize. However, we have a rainy season from June through November, so you’ll have an occasional cloudy day here and there, but you won’t have to worry about maintaining your year-round tan if you’re living in Belize.
4. The cost of living is very reasonable. A couple can comfortably live in the most populated tourist destinations for about $2000 USD/ Month. Domestic help is also readily available for $25-30 USD/day.

5. Starting a business and owning real estate is very affordable and foreign investors can own land titles in Belize and have US dollar bank accounts, so transactions are made easy.

6. A healthy way of living and eating – so much of Belizean food is farm to table, many establishments have organic gardens and fruits and vegetables are always fresh, never imported, and comes directly from the source.

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7. A sense of neighborhood flourishes throughout any part of Belize one would decide to move into. Small towns and communities always provide familiar faces, a helping hand when needed and the comfort of knowing everyone in your new place of dwelling.

8. English is the official language. This makes life so much easier when everyone speaks the same language. Spanish is also spoken throughout the country, predominantly in the Northern and Western areas, but any business, banking, bookings, contracts or transactions are all done in the official language, so there is no need to worry about translations.

All things considered, Belize offers retirees or those just wanting to pack their bags and a superb quality of life.

Written by Tanya McNab

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