Placencia, Belize: Come for the Fun When You Crave a Winter Escape

by Larry Waight

Intrepid travelers tend to recognize a small number of tourist types once they develop their senses of observation during their journeys around the world. If that best describes you, you are probably familiar with at least one type of tourist (if not all of them) that you need no help spotting:

-Teens on senior trips
-Seniors grabbing much-needed escapes after a lifetime of hard work
-Romantics who covet their private time with relish
-Families wise enough to expose their youngsters to overseas travel
-And the most intriguing type of all: Visitors dressed in Speedos, bikinis and other swim garb who are confident enough to flaunt their stuff!

If a large part of the reason you love to travel has to do with the characters you meet–especially at all-inclusive resorts that attract fascinating people–keep your eye on Belize and especially on the Placencia peninsula, where a laid-back vibe, access to a languid stretch of the Caribbean Sea, the hemisphere’s best beaches and fabulous attractions have made this the destination of preference–especially for those who crave lots of beach time and a delightfully mixed leisure and party scene.

Placencia: A favorite of every travel writer and agent

Every village in Belize has a distinct personality and Placencia is no exception. It’s considered to be the place to see and be seen, yet it’s laid-back enough to deliver on tranquility, some of the best dining on the peninsula and for those of you who are weary of trying to deal with translation guides and apps when you travel abroad, everyone speaks English, so conversing is not only a breeze but fun, too. Further, when it comes to access to natural wonders, this is Valhalla.

Among the stand-out places guaranteed to win your heart include access to the Belize Barrier Reef, atolls, small uninhabited islands or if you’d prefer to spend all of your time taking in pubs, art galleries, local shops and attractions, you’ll find plenty to delight all of your senses. Whether your primary objective consists of doing your best sloth imitation on a beach, hiking jungles, or indulging your sensibilities in every water sport known to man, this small peninsula has it all, and the fact that the friendliest people you’ll encounter while on vacation live here adds to the charm.

On the topic of Valhalla…

No need to spend time searching for the resort that not only welcomes folks of all ages and interests but offers every amenity you desire. You deserve to stay at Sirenian Bay Resort and Villas, Placencia’s version of Eden. Think of all the “S” words in your vocabulary and you’ll find yourself using them all to describe your stay, including serenity, soothing, smooth, safety, sailing, and serendipitous.

The beneficiary of so many travel industry awards, Sirenian Bay staff is running out of room to display them all, this resort is designed with a variety of folks in mind, so no matter your “travel type,” you’ll find plenty of like-minded guests to share your holiday. This refuge for lovers, families and guests who like their luxury on the relaxed side is a cut above the average since this resort is as much sanctuary as it is a state of mind.

Find your bliss everywhere you look

Whether your intention is to de-stress in short order or you are a big fan of all-inclusive deals that save money and simplify a sojourn, you’ll be dazzled by onsite amenities and delighted by gourmet dining at the resort’s restaurant.

Further, you’ll be enchanted by the variety of options covering your romance-, wellness-, adventure- or family-focused activities. Beaches are sublime and even the occasional shower always gives birth to rays of sun within short periods of time. Sound like the place that exactly fits your dream of paradise?

Book your winter stay to get the dates you most want to travel and you will be given an opportunity to enjoy every one of Placencia’s fabulous treasures with the help of resort staff who never met a guest they couldn’t pamper and spoil. Come to experience Belize. Focus your interests on Placencia’s delights. Find your bliss at Sirenian Bay Resort and Villas this winter and chances are, you’ll be back next year, too!  

All Images Courtesy Sirenian Bay                               

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