Ambergris Caye Named #23 Best Nature Destination in the World – TripAdvisor

by Khaila Gentle

Belize’s largest island and its most popular destination, Ambergris Caye, has earned itself a spot on Tripadvisor’s Best of the Best list. This week, the winners of the Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers Choice Awards were announced and Belize’s resorts have not failed to impress. The annual awards recognize the best hotels, restaurants, destinations and activities in the world based on glowing reviews from travelers. In the Destination category, Ambergris Caye sits at #23 for the Best Nature Destinations in World. Here’s what Tripadvisor had to say:

Best Nature Destinations in the World

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Bayside views on Ambergris Caye. Photo by Sunset Caribe

Ambergris Caye hovers in a vacation sweet spot: just enough amenities to make it exciting, but not so overdeveloped that you’re tripping over flip-flopped tourists. A mangrove swamp is the eye of this white beach island, the largest in Belize, and golf carts are the main form of transportation along the sandy roads. Reef divers drool over the Belize Barrier Reef and the Blue Hole, a 400-feet deep circle of limestone that teems with angelfish, elkhorn coral, cleaner shrimp and stalactites.

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Ambergris Caye sits on the Best of the Best list alongside the likes of Cozumel, Mexico; the Bay Islands in Honduras; Nairobi, Kenya; and the Serengeti National Park. Read the entire list of Best Nature Destinations on the Tripadvisor website.

Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds on Ambergris Caye

While there are no lush rainforests or towering mountains on Ambergris Caye, the Tripadvisor Best of the Best destination still offers a myriad of ways to enjoy nature. In addition to lounging on powder white sand beaches, intrepid travelers can look to offshore marine reserves, animal sanctuaries, and even littoral forests for nature experiences.

Wake up at dawn and go birding on the island. Bask in the rays of sunset at a lagoon-side resort. Or meet some friendly faces at sanctuaries like Lucy’s Lagoon, ACES Wildlife Rescue, and Calvin’s Green Iguana Eco-park.

Featured Photo by Duarte Dellarole 

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