Belize Public Holidays in 2018

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Holidays for the year 2018

Many Belizeans will tell you that there just aren’t enough holidays in the year! In fact, Belizeans get a break from work in the form of a holiday in 8 out of the 12 months of the year. The truth is that public and bank holidays are joyously welcomed in these parts. The idea of the commemoration of a day by turning into one of rest is brilliant. We have John Lubbock, first Baron of Avebury, to thank for that. He was responsible for drafting the Bank Holiday Bill which created the first bank holidays in 1871. In Belize, we still observe universal holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day but we have also added a few more to our calendars.

Here is a list of Public Holidays in Belize for the year 2018

Monday, January 1st New Year’s Day

Monday, March 12th National Heroes and Benefactors Day (in lieu of March 9th)
This day was originally known as Baron Bliss Day. It was named after Belize’s celebrated patron, Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss. Leaving in his fortune to Belize (then British Honduras) his generosity funded many public works. The name of the Holiday was changed to National Heroes and Benefactors Day in 2008 to honor all national patrons.

Friday, March 30th Good Friday
Saturday, March 31st Holy Saturday

Monday, April 2nd Easter Monday

Tuesday, May 1st Labour Day
Monday, May 21st Commonwealth Day (in lieu of May 24th)
Also known as Sovereign’s Day

Monday, September 10th St. George’s Caye Day
A pivotal event in Belizean History, The Battle of St. George’s Caye solidified Belize (British Honduras at the time) as a British Settlement and Colony.

Friday, September 21st Independence Day
A political victory won by Belizean Nationalists, Independence day is a day of patriotic pride.

Monday, October 15th Pan American Day (in lieu of October 12th)

Monday, November 19th Garifuna Settlement Day
A cultural holiday set to commemorate the arrival of the Garifuna people to the country’s southern shores.

Tuesday, December 25th Christmas Day
Wednesday, December 26th Boxing Day

Even though there aren’t any public holidays in February, June, July, and August there are plenty of festivals going on. So don’t forget to check event calendars before you book your flight!

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