Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle launches its First Issue!

by McNab Editorial Team

Welcome to Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle: The Belize Edition

If you’re reading this, it is likely that you have either already entered into our paradise praised as The Jewel of the Caribbean or are about to. Whether it be lounging at a hotel, or heading off on the next adventure, Caribbean Culture & lifestyle is here to ignite your sense of wonder and excitement for what lies ahead!

For some, it’s the crystal clear warm water, coconut palm sunsets, and breezy botanical cocktails which invite them to Belize. Others anticipate riverside horseback treks into the jungle to uncover hidden temple ruins while hanging with howler monkeys. Whatever your imagination can conjure, Belize brings it to life with the best of both worlds.

From the stalactites deep down in the blue hole to the epic alters on top of the ancient Maya temples, Belize boasts a wide range of adventure tours, many are also suitable for all ages. How high you climb, or how deep you dive, is up to you.

No matter your experience or level of knowledge about this exciting place, it is our mission to share with you the most relevant and up to date stories about Belize and the Caribbean. With the intention to deliver the best of the best to our readers we are fearless in the pursuit of exciting stories and are passionate about sharing them through finely crafted print and web media.

As the official inflight magazine for Maya Island Air, the magazine can be found in seatback pockets on each and every flight, plus in hotel rooms countrywide. This signature publication is also available as an E-Book version.

In-flight magazine of Maya Island Air

Belize is our foundation. It is here that we have grown and cultivated our creative identity. For that reason, we are starting with the Belize Edition. As we evolve, our project will take on new countries and expand coverage across the Caribbean… but not before we share what’s going on right here in our own backyard!

With the launching of our first print issue, we are beyond excited to interact with you. Thank you for reading and following us on social media. We hope you enjoy the journey of discovery with Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle: The Belize Edition.

Discover Belize and beyond with Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle!

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