Belize’s Hospitality Industry is Going Green

by McNab Editorial Team

What does it truly mean to go green?

The movement for going green has been exemplary throughout the years. Many consumers and companies have taken the extra step to positively contribute to the well-being of the environment. Whether it be done through the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), purchasing organic food, biodegradable products or turning down the thermostat, these actions can make a huge difference to our planet. By adopting eco-friendly habits, not only are you doing your part to protect the environment, but it is also self-satisfying. Utilizing and maintaining conservational techniques make the planet livable for the next generations to enjoy, and it also gives us hope of a cleaner and brighter future.


Is Committed To Taking Strides to be an Eco-Tourism Leader

Belize Ocean Club (BOC) brings its ecologically conscious initiatives to Placencia. This is by contributing to wildlife conservation and sustainable systems and helping the country reduce waste and pollution. Nestled away in the quaint village of Placencia, BOC is flanked by water on either side, placing their guests a few steps away from the pristine Belizean beaches just off the world’s largest living barrier reef, while still overlooking the breathtaking Mayan mountains. In addition, the property has recently been brought under new management of STEM®, a “true boutique hotel” management company going the extra mile to ensure the protection of the countries’ incredible natural landscape that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Photo Courtesy: Belize Ocean Club

Eliminating Plastics

BOC is fully committed to the country-wide prohibition of single-use plastics by enforcing the use of locally manufactured bamboo straws on the property. Moreover, the straws are made in the province of Stann Creek without the use of electricity by cutting the bamboo trees and letting them dry in the natural sunlight. This switch to local biodegradable and reusable materials largely contributes to the elimination of pollution and waste.

BOC’s Garden

Also, the on-site organic garden allows guests to delight in delicious farm-to-table cuisine using the freshly-picked ingredients harvested just a few yards away from the kitchen. Among the multitude of produce harvested, one can find tropical fruits, native herbs, and staple vegetables used to prepare amazing meals that educate guests even more about local Belizean dishes and food culture.

Photo Courtesy: Belize Ocean Club

The hotel is decorated with various locally sourced materials used to outfit the common areas and furnish the suites, not only reducing the properties’ carbon footprint but maintaining the unique rustic look and feel found in Placencia.

Under the leadership of STEM®, Belize Ocean Club plans to continue growing and implementing its sustainability efforts on the property, aiding in the preservation of Belize’s beautifully diverse nature.

Written by Marcia Martinez Laas’

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