A Brilliant Escape in Belize: Go Private on an Island

by Larry Waight

With the pandemic seemingly winding down, at last, it is the perfect time to make vacation plans for this summer. There are all kinds of amazing places around the world you can go to, but Belize stands out as one of the best. Come escape to a tropical paradise and see what one of Central America’s hidden gems has to offer.

Why You Should Choose Belize As Your Travel Destination This Summer

Many people dream of relaxing on the beach of a private island somewhere, but this is something you can actually do! If you are wanting a summer vacation somewhere tropical, Belize is a destination that should be at the top of your list. While internationally famous for its white-sand beaches, warm blue waters, and laid-back Caribbean atmosphere, Belize is so much more. Home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world, Belize’s Barrier Reef is truly an ecological marvel. It consists of a thriving ecosystem of coral, fish, sea turtles, and other marine life.

Altun Ha. Photo by Alisa Matthews on Unsplash

Inland, you can explore haunting Maya ruins and ceremonial sites before experiencing the modern culture of Belize’s people. Traverse the jungles teeming with rare and exotic wildlife and go home with a new understanding and perspective that will last a lifetime.

A Stay At Blue Marlin Beach Resort

The Blue Marlin Beach Resort is located on South Water Caye, a smaller island near the Belize Barrier Reef alongside the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Being on a private island and more remote than other resorts in Belize, Blue Marlin Resort is an ideal destination for those who simply want to relax on the beach and enjoy the weather.

First-Class Amenities

Blue Marlin Beach Resort offers a huge variety of amenities to meet guests’ every need as you stay in your private cabana or standard room with breathtaking ocean and island views. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, paddleboards, kayaks, beach towels, a lending library, yoga mats, and hammocks throughout the property. Drink coconut water directly from the resort’s own coconut trees and have a delicious meal at the full-service Charlie’s Dining & Bar restaurant on the property. Check out the resort’s full-service PADI-certified dive center for equipment, certification classes, and dive tours, all overseen by certified instructors and divemasters.

Take a walk around the island or wander out onto the resort’s sweeping docks to sunbathe or watch wildlife. Sit down for a romantic dinner or have your kids participate in offered children’s activities. Engage the guest concierge service if you need anything else. At Blue Marlin, you can truly do everything… or do nothing. The choice is up to you.

Go On Tour

During your stay, there are several tours you can choose to go on based on what interests you. The first are tours that offer world-class diving and snorkeling experiences. In these, you will get to see and discover both the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and other sites along the Belize Barrier Reef. Specialty dives to see the Great Blue Hole, Glover’s Reef Atoll, and lovely local sites alike are all available as well.

Fishing tours are also an incredibly popular offering by the resort. Go fly fishing, reef fishing, deep-sea fishing, or even help rid Belize’s waters of a destructive invasive species by going lionfish hunting.

Don’t forget about inland tours just because you are staying on an island. The cultural and culinary tours let you meet and learn about the diverse groups of people who call Belize home.

Tiger Fern via IG @natalie_hassana

See the amazing Xunantunich Maya temple city which served as one of the largest and most influential ceremonial centers of the ancient Maya world. Finally, explore the jungle with the Jungle Zipline, River Tube and Waterfall Tour, the Antelope Falls Waterfall Hike and Rappel, and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve tour. You can also take tours to see the country’s major sites from the air for a truly unique and breathtaking experience.

With high demand due to the circumstances, travel is sure to fill up fast so be sure to book your vacation soon. Whether you are looking to unwind or have the adventure of a lifetime, choose to stay at the Blue Marlin Beach Resort for a truly amazing getaway on a private island.

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