This Summer, Let San Ignacio Resort Hotel Be Your Happiness Headquarters in Belize

by Larry Waight
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Fess up: Are you finding it hard to justify taking a summer vacation this year? Perhaps you’re just getting back into the rhythm of things after several years of maintaining a COVID-mandated work schedule. Maybe you feel reticent about travel in general because flight delays and news headlines talking about canceled flights have you wondering whether it’s worth your time and effort to try to get away. Put all of that out of your mind. We’ve found experts who offer scientific proof that if you don’t take a summer vacation this year, you’re going to regret it. Even Harvard Business Review researchers explain that summer vacations contribute to one’s professional success, enhance creative thinking and turn professionals into happier people. Sound like a state of mind you would love to experience? Allow us to help you justify a fabulous 2022 summer vacation in Belize with San Ignacio Resort Hotel as your happiness headquarters in Belize.

Where to go to escape the ordinary

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Can the destination you choose make a major difference in your summer escape? You bet. Just ask North Americans for whom a stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has become a must-take annual vacation. Unlike typical Caribbean properties, this luxe former estate is tucked into a jungle where Mother Nature surrounds you with the sights, fragrances, and environment proven to lower the blood pressure of even the most stressed-out guests.

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Photo courtesy Monica Gallardo Photography/SIRH

There’s more. There’s a startling connection between vacation time and workplace success. Ever heard of “vacation-induced joy”? Spending part of your summer amid resort grounds surrounded by lush gardens, where a small number of guests give you breathing room soothes the soul. Even the property’s onsite restaurant offers gourmet dining that rivals top eateries, every dish guaranteed to contribute to your bliss-filled stay.

4 ways you can boost your happiness at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

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1. A study into the amount of happiness a person can glean from simply taking a summer vacation to a place like San Ignacio Resort Hotel and published by the journal Nature, found that a scenery change is enough to boost happiness and according to guests who find that being surrounded by greenery is invigorating and restorative, this lush resort hotel never disappoints.

2. Traveling to places that include ecological learning is a mood-lifter, contributing to satisfaction in all aspects of life, notes medical psychologist Jeffrey M. Cohen of Columbia University Medical Center. Only one property in Belize is the headquarters of The Green Iguana Conservation Project, a life-affirming exhibit located under a roof that has the distinction of being Belize’s #1 attraction.

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Explore the Xunantunich as a newlywed couple. Photo courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

3. The stresses of everyday life disappear when travelers go off on tours that engage their minds and delight their senses, according to the journal Psychology & Health. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s tour desk can be found under the roof so guests interested in challenges, fascinating cultural experiences, and top attractions can book as many of these adventures as your time in Belize allows.

A Golden Orbweaver at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Image courtesy property.

4. Summer guests say they develop a sense of wonder when roaming the resort’s acres of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, especially during onsite medicinal plant tours and/or the nighttime prowl that introduces guests to nocturnal creatures roaming the property during the late-night hours. The Maya fish-cooking experience and other experiential offerings are the envy of competitor resorts that don’t offer their guests this much diversity.

These experiences are just a taste of what you can expect

When exposed to unfamiliar foods, art, landscape, traditions, and philosophies, travelers grow and expand their consciousness. Being amid this much tropical splendor and so rich a cultural mix induces awe, notes therapist Teri Schroeder. “Awe in and of itself deepens one’s sense of purpose, of being connected to something greater than ourselves. Traveling can revitalize us as we meet new people, venture into new situations, and reconnect with the mystery of life.”

San Ignacio resort hotel Maya class

How about a medicinal tour in Cayo? Photo courtesy Monica Gallardo Photography/SIRH

Still not convinced you’ll benefit from pulling yourself away from your workload and obligations? To further incentivize you to book one of the 27 luxury rooms and suites tucked into the San Ignacio hillside and surrounded by rainforest views, perhaps select wallet-pleasing specials introduced during summer will convince you that you were meant to vacation at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

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Join frequent guests who say they’ve found a most extraordinary place to sojourn — a paradise that satisfies their need for a summer vacation that promotes restoration and happiness. Your office will wait and since it’s been proven that employees “who took fewer than 10 of their vacation days per year had a 34.6% likelihood of receiving a raise or bonus … while those who took more than 10 of their vacation days had a 65.4% chance of receiving a raise or bonus.” Given this fact, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by making this the summer in Belize you rediscover your joie de vivre at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Header photo courtesy by San Ignacio Resort Hotel/Kaitlin Narciso.

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