Discover the Tourism History of San Pedro Belize

by Dion Vansen

The popular and prime tourism destination in Belize, the island of Ambergris Caye and its town San Pedro was once a quaint fishing village. If you get to talk with the senior citizens of this island which has become the fastest growing municipality in the country, they will all agree that the first major industry in San Pedro was coconut, then fishing, and eventually tourism started to grow roots on the island. Tourism did not come alone and attracted real estate and eventually led to massive development projects on the island. The story is fascinating, and I highly recommend learning about it.  To make it easier for you and anyone in love with history, a well-known islander, Guillermo ‘Mito’ Paz documented the most important events of Ambergris Caye’s history and pen it in a book called ‘San Pedro History of Tourism.’ You can find copies of this informative and interesting book at the San Pedro Tourism Information Center on Angel Coral Street for BZ$30. Copies can also be found in selected gift shops in downtown San Pedro. 

Collect San Pedro’s rich history 

san Pedro history

This fascinating history of the island documented by Paz in San Pedro History of Tourism delivers an exciting account of the different changes Ambergris Caye went through to reach where it is today. San Pedro continues to grow attracting more tourism and people from across the country and abroad as well. San Pedro is one of the areas of the country with more employment opportunities. It is a dynamic town and over the years living here, I have seen lots of changes and changes continue to happen as the island continues to develop. San Pedro History of Tourism will take you on a journey back in time as you indulge yourself in the rich history of Belize’s top town, the magnet of tourism and the setting of a thriving economy.  

The book is well illustrated with pictures showing the early days of the island and what life was like back on those days. The development of each industry and how tourism quickly transformed the island into a fast-growing municipality, it’s all in this work done by Paz.  

If you want to support local projects and works like this book, visit the San Pedro Tourism Information Center, and grab a copy and start discovering the history of San Pedro. The center opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, 10AM until 4PM. Remember, that by purchasing a copy of the book, it helps these types of cultural and educational initiatives to continue. 

Guillermo ‘Mito’ Paz is a research scientist, naturalist, and historian. He specializes in environmental and cultural history. In the past, the island writer has served as the cultural liaison officer at the San Pedro House of Culture for NICH. 

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