Plan Vinyasa Flows And Plenty Spa Time With Naia Resort in Belize

by Carolee Chanona

Mindfulness apps not cutting it? Sign up for a yoga meditation class instead. Or, double it and make it international, supercharged and chockfull of Vitamin D. With wellness set to be one of the biggest trends in 2023, people are craving physical activity, and increasingly seeking it in the wild. In fact, there have never been more excuses to be well on our travels. For a full week of sensory-focused nature immersion incorporating breath-centered yoga, sound baths, and other contemplative practices, hone in on Naia Resort, a spa-centric resort in Southern Belize. Besides year-round wellness packages, there’s even an upcoming yoga retreat to Naia Resort & Spa from June 1-6, 2023.  The only prerequisite? Get happy to spend most of your time in the Caribbean outdoors and barefoot in the sand.

Why Wellness Is More Than Just Yoga & Green Juices

A veritable oasis on the edge of a peninsula that creates its own buzz in the village, oceanfront rooms that lead into the Caribbean Sea, one of Placencia’s best restaurants, and a sprawling over-water spa? Naia Resort is as relaxing as they come. A more peaceful and elegant enclave 15 minutes outside Placencia Village,  the low-key Naia Resort and Spa, encompasses 19 acres of secluded beachfront and lush lagoon landscapes within the private 224-acre Cocoplum Community.


Naia’s onsite spa promises transformational wellness experiences.

Naïa totals three dozen guest villas and houses, including stylish studio units with 13-foot ceilings and one-bedroom villas, some with private splash pools, and mostly all with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking stunning straits and luxurious standing rain showers.

Paired with generally perfect weather year-round, this is one location that embraces all the areas of wellness; from fitness and self-care beyond their spa and fitness center, to simply trying new experiences and enjoying life to the max. At Naia, everyone from families with little kids to romantic couples can indulge in wellness in the form of aerial yoga or a traditional gym workout, besides the usual tried-and-true tropical vacation staples that is. 

After all, looking after yourself is not just from a smoothie-drinking and meditation perspective, but simply soaking up your surroundings, pushing yourself to try new things, and putting yourself first.

How To Experience Naia Resort’s Wellness Side

With a book in hand and a freshly-pressed pineapple juice cocktail in the other, dip into the resort’s saltwater pool for a refreshing respite. Beyond meditative yoga sessions inside the Fitness Center, guests can also find peace and quiet outdoors with a variety of activities, including a peaceful kayak in the lagoon to spot iguanas, manatees, and dolphins. 

Schedule a spa day (or package) onsite, where treatments take place in private over-water suites using local botanicals. Feeling burnt out and ready to crumble at the sound of a ringing Zoom call? Book in the Digital Detox package for a clean slate with daily morning mimosas and a daily spa experience (Deep Stretch + Mystic Light + Primival Salt Stone Massage). 

And if nothing but yoga for the entirety of your stay at Naia will do, there’s even an external yoga retreat led by Radi8 Studios scheduled for June 2023. Time to unplug and recharge your wellness in Belize with Naia Resort and Spa.

Header image via Naia Resort & Spa.

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