Nourishing & Healing Retreat by Itz’ana in Placencia

by Cristina Reyna

Itz’ana Belize is hosting a five-day retreat, curated to restore balance to your body while reconnecting with nature. This retreat from Thursday, July  21st to Monday, July 25th is designed to be a healing homecoming for the body, soul, and spirit.

With this wellness getaway, learn about the importance of high-vibration superfoods and discover how foods are infused with nutrient-dense whole, organic ingredients that truly serve as medicine for the body and soul. Combine your nourishing getaway with healing meditation and yoga sessions to help you connect to your inner self and restore your body. Throughout the Itz’ana retreat hosted in Belize, glean from the knowledge and sage instruction of wellness experts Kassia Fiedor, Brice Dial, and Lyra H. Spang. Bask in beachfront luxury, breathe in relaxation, and savor special plant-based menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

Kassia Fiedor

Kassia Fiedor – Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, & Wellness Chef from California

Passionate about using plants, herbs, & vegetables as medicine, she encourages people to cultivate the connection between food & their health. Her food is infused with nutrient-dense, high vibe, organic ingredients and truly serves as medicine for the body & soul. She loves curating healing menus for conscious retreats and teaching private healthy cooking classes.

Kassia lived in Guatemala for 5 years where she shared her healing food through classes and cooked weekly meals for those with an appreciation for nourishing food. Amazed by the abundance of native superfoods, she fostered intimate connections with small organic farmers and artisans producing high-quality products. In her debut cookbook Cocina Holistica, Kassia infuses ancestral ingredients into healing plant-based dishes. Drawing upon the magnificent beauty of Guatemala, she hopes to inspire renewed respect for indigenous plants in creative, modern recipes. All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free, with a focus on nutrient density. Find it on Amazon, or directly from Kassia.


Brice Dial

Brice Dial – Owner of Positive Vibration Yoga

She holds extensive experience in all things yoga and meditation and is a certified instructor by Sattva Yoga Academy. After studying Health and Yoga in Bangalore, India, at the S-VYASA Yoga University, she is also a ROC Ambassador. Brice is passionate about wellness through yoga and loves sharing her knowledge and practice through her weekly community yoga classes and regular yoga retreats.

Brice is passionate about teaching people to cope with stress through yoga and meditation. Recently, she was also called to learn more about sharing yoga with expecting mothers and completed a Prenatal Yoga course with Sattva Yoga Academy. Brice is passionate about wellness through yoga and loves sharing her knowledge and practice through her weekly classes and with yoga retreats.


Lyra Spang

Lyra Spang – Sociocultural Anthropologist and founder of  Taste Belize Tours

Passionate about culinary innovation and the intricacies of food studies. She spent her childhood caring for cacao trees in her family’s organic homestead in Southern Belize. Her early days were spent fishing and hiking through the jungle, eating everything from fresh cacao beans to wildland crabs. These early experiences lead her down a path of culinary adventure, that eventually resulted in a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Food Studies from Indiana University. In 2014, Lyra founded Taste Belize Tours. Through her tours, Lyra shares her passion and enthusiasm for diverse foodways with travelers from near and far. Lyra is all about gastronationalism, and promotes the use of cuisine and food history to share a national identity. Her food and culture-focused tours at Taste Belize Tours have been a tremendous success with tourists and locals alike, earning a Tripadvisor certificate of excellence each year since its start. Through these tours, Lyra engages travelers seeking a more immersive Belize experience and uses her role as a tour guide to challenge the Belizean tourism industry to embrace “creative, diverse, and inclusive cuisine that fairly represents the country”.

Five-day Retreat Agenda

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