One Climate, One Caribbean Music Video released by Belize based team

by Cristina Reyna

On Monday, July 4th, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) celebrated CARICOM Day 2022 with the release of a music video titled: One Climate, One Caribbean.

In observance of CARICOM Day 2022, we are pleased to announce the release of our first climate change music video, advocating the key message, One Climate. One Caribbean. As the globe continues to warm and efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions elude us, the CCCCC is working to increase public participation in climate change actions as individual and collective changes are desperately needed to bring about climate resilience across the region. Despite the anxieties surrounding climate change, and the uncertainties related to the lack of ambition that scientists say is critical to ending the era of fossil fuel, the climate change music video embellishes a Caribbean panache that departs from the usual climate change phobia. We are employing a broad-based approach that utilises traditional and new media as well as direct activities with various target groups like schools, communities and media personnel in a broader campaign entitled, Time Is Running Out.   – CCCCC

It is no secret that climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruption that is affecting the lives of billions of people, and the Caribbean, especially, is a region extremely vulnerable. This song and music video share important climate messaging crafted by singer and songwriter Nicole Craig along with Tremett Perrriott to reinforce that hope is remaining if we join forces as One Caribbean. ‘We’re all in this together, even if we’re apart!’

We will never give up the fight
Feel the temperature rise, storms intensify
It’s time that we realize
That we must work together to thrive 

One Climate, One Caribbean

McNab Design Ltd., a Belize-based firm, under its contract with the CCCCC, produced visibility products including this music video for the project, “Enhancing Climate Resilience in CARIFORUM Countries,” an initiative of the Intra ACP Global Climate Change Alliance Plus Programme and is funded by the European Union. The project targets 16 CARIFORUM countries with the intent to increase public consciousness among our Caribbean citizenry to help reduce climate change skepticism while finding opportunities to build resilience.

“It was an honor to be able to work alongside so many talented individuals. I’m very grateful to have been a small part of this meaningful climate change project” – Efrain Gomez, Cinematographer 

The filming took place in various parts of Belize highlighting nature and the Caribbean Sea. Participants as young as 8 years old were a part of this production and it included citizens from throughout the Caribbean with excerpts of four different languages throughout the song.

The production of this fun, catchy tune with a strong message was made possible by the European Union (EU) under the Intra ACP EU GCCA+ Project currently being implemented by the CCCCC. This is the first in a suite of products to be released as they work towards raising public consciousness and stimulating actions among our Caribbean citizenry to help reduce climate apathy and skepticism.

Below you’ll find a short video that shares the making of the music video, concepts, and vision from the producer and songwriter.

Commissioned by: Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre  |  Funded by: The European Union
Executive Producer: Tanya McNab, McNab Design Ltd.
Song Writer: Nicole Craig   |  Music Producer: Dane Lenarez   |  Music Mixing and Mastering: Kendoyll Simpson
Singers: Nicole Craig and Tremett Perrriott
Dance Choreographer: Jaylan Craig  |  Cinematographer: Efrain Gomez

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