Owning a Piece of Paradise Abroad in Belize

by Larry Waight

For Americans and other Westerners looking to own their own private piece of property aka paradise, Belize seems to be a tailor-made location. Why is this, you may ask. Well, let’s count the ways. 

1. Belize makes it easy for foreigners to own land

While many expats have complained about the roadblocks they have encountered when trying to buy land in foreign countries, those who have chosen Belize will find the way has been cleared. Belize doesn’t just allow foreigners to buy land in Belize, it makes foreign investors feel welcome. 

They face no restrictions on owning land in Belize and have the same rights as natives of the country. They are not required to obtain special permits or licenses. And, if or when they decide to sell their property, they again face no restrictions beyond those that any citizen would. 

2. There is no capital gains tax in Belize 

shutterstock_Raphael Rivest0 Caye Caulker belize

Empty streets on the popular, touristy island of Caye Caulker a few days before the lockdown caused by COVID-19. Image via Raphael Rivest/Shutterstock

When you sell your investment or home in Belize, you pay no taxes on the profits you’ve made.

3. The local language is English 

San Pedro sign belize

Step into San Pedro’s energy. Image courtesy Roeming Belize


This is great on so many levels for expats. They find it easy to get around Belize since the street signs and maps are in English. They can order easily in restaurants since the menus are in English.

And, if they want to buy land in Belize – well, it makes it a lot easier to talk to realtors or real estate agencies, to read contracts and to ask important questions since English is the official language. 

A house in Belize will probably cost less than a similar house in the United States. An example of the type of amazing property you can buy in Belize is this spacious custom home on over 2 acres of land.

What makes the property particularly special is its location in the center of Belize’s eco-tourism and Maya cultural hubs. It is also close to the Belizean capital of Belmopan. Finally, the property itself includes over 300 feet of river frontage, which is great whether you enjoy swimming, boating, fishing or simply the sound and sight of moving water. 

The floorplan is a spacious 2,400 sq. ft., with hardwood floors and high ceilings throughout. In addition to a main structure with 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths, there is a 1-bedroom apartment included.

While everything is lovely and well designed, what will particularly remind you of paradise is the landscaping. The gorgeous waterfall and ponds at the entry provide a lovely atmosphere of coral bush, water lilies and hyacinth while you relax on the front deck. Meanwhile, the main deck is a great spot for spotting the local toucan population, butterflies and hummingbirds. There are even a wide variety of fruit and nut trees.

The value of a local realtor 

To help you find equally amazing properties anywhere in Belize, contact Hesed Realty. They have decades of experience in Belize and their agents are well trained to be both knowledgeable and helpful.

Not only can they help you locate the perfect piece of paradise for your needs, they can also walk you through the process of buying real estate, put you in touch with other local experts you may need and just generally make sure that you have a smooth and pleasant experience when you buy property in Belize.

All images courtesy Hesed Realty.

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