Romance in Belize: Enjoy an Intimate Escape in the Treetops at Hamanasi

by Giulissa Hernandez

On Belize’s scenic Southern coast, where rhythmic waves serenade the shores of Hopkins, there’s a hidden gem for romantic escapes. Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, a regenerative resort that combines beachside views with lush coastal forest, invites intrepid travelers to ascend into the embrace of the treetops. With Hamanasi’s dreamy treehouse rooms, love takes flight amidst the rustling leaves and the gentle murmur of the Caribbean Sea. Here’s why you should look to this Hopkins resort when seeking romance in Belize. 

Setting the Scene 

As you approach Hamanasi Resort, allow yourself to be momentarily transported away from the sandy beaches of Hopkins. Gravel pathways lined by lush greenery unfold like a welcoming carpet. Beyond that, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea beckon, but the true magic lies embraced by nature, where the coastal forest conceals an intimate escape.


Photo by Carolee Chanona

Hopkins is the ultimate destination for a couple seeking alone time surrounded by the sights of sounds of nature. Enjoy your own sequestered bubble that provides all the privacy and whimsy you and your kindred soul desire. If you ever want to explore, the resort is close enough to the village proper. But on the property, the onsite restaurant, pool, and pond provide plenty of waits to enjoy some R+R. Meanwhile, the melody of nature and the whispers of the Caribbean breeze set the stage for well-deserved bonding time.

Dancing in the Treetops


Photo by Nathan Barratt / Hamanasi

Elevate your romance with a stay in one of Hamanasi’s enchanting treehouses. Nestled high above the ground, these cozy dwellings promise to elevate your romantic getaway to new heights. Step into a world where the symphony of rustling leaves and the call of exotic birds create a soundtrack for love.


Hamanasi’s tree houses offer a secluded sanctuary among the branches. Mahogany furnishings, private balconies, and an abundance of natural light are sure to make your heart sing!

Crafting Your Romantic Getaway

The romance continues at Singanga Restaurant, where culinary delights are crafted to ignite the senses. Dine beneath the stars, surrounded by the soft glow of lights, as the aroma of gourmet cuisine mingles with the sea breeze. Each dish is a celebration of Belizean flavors, prepared with love and served with a side of ocean views. Relish in the simplicity of a special moment, just the two of you. 

Next, pamper yourselves with a romantic spa ritual amid the trees. The soothing sounds of nature complement the expert touch of skilled therapists, creating an oasis of tranquility that resonates with the serenity of your treetop haven. 

As you trace the contours of love in Belize’s treetop haven, Hamanasi Resort weaves dreams into reality. Whether you’re strolling along the beaches of Hopkins, dining amidst the treetops, or indulging in private moments crafted for two, Hamanasi’s romantic escape is a symphony of love that transcends the ordinary. Let the treetops be witnesses to your love story—a tale told in rustling leaves, whispered breezes, and the timeless beauty of Belize’s coastal magic. 

Photos courtesy of Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort. Featured Photo by Jaron Johns/Hamanasi

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