Summertime at Ray Caye Island Resort

by McNab Editorial Team

Spend some of your extra time making plans for the next big holiday. We’re so very sorry if you had to skip your spring vacation to Ray Caye, but there’s plenty of time to plan for later.

An island vacation is more than just the best way on Earth to avoid crowds. It’s also a place to disconnect. Whether you’ve given yourself an island vacation in the past or you’ve decided that life is short and now is the time, stepping foot on an island beach can be transformative. Ray Caye Island Resort has some summer specials to help make planning your trip easier and will be working with all travelers on flexible booking options during the ever-changing COVID-19 situation.

Located on the edge of the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve in Belize, Ray Caye is literally a stones throw away from the Belize Barrier Reef making it an ideal location for world class fishing and diving trips.

With nearly a mile of private shoreline and a limited number of guests at any time, it is easy to play, explore and relax in the Belize island lifestyle any way you want. We’re especially suited for a secluded and romantic honeymoon vacation.

Come celebrate the art of island living with a year round climate of sunshine, warm breezes, and clear Caribbean waters.

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