This Charming Belize Island Resort Is an Ideal Destination for Families

by Larry Waight

It may seem counter-intuitive to choose an island for a family vacation. Many see these small parcels of land amid turquoise waters as places for couples eager to get away from kids. Some islands, however, love hosting kids and offer parents compelling reasons to choose these stays over mainland resorts.  Every member of the family can benefit from an island getaway, for the following reasons and more:

  • You’ll all be surrounded by pristine beaches. This not only offers opportunities for running toes through sand but for creative tots to build sandcastles. They’ll have no clue that both activities enhance health and well-being.
  • Even parents who are perpetually tethered to their devices will be lulled into complacency by the sun, surf, and sand. That means mom and dad will be more open to interacting with the youngsters – perhaps sharing in the creative process of making those one-of-a-kind sandcastles.
  • Beaches tend to “tickle brains” and boost imagination. Ideas you may have buried beneath layers of work, obligations, routines, and diversions will rise to the surface beneath the sun. What causes this? The break from routine, silly workaholic. And, your kids will be the beneficiaries.
  • Kids won’t be able to turn off their curiosity and that’s a good thing. Your trip can be likened to the exploits of pirates who roamed seas, saved damsels in distress, and financed those exploits by purloining treasures. Start interacting even before you start packing by finding a book about pirates from websites like the Best Children’s Books website where books are rated by age and content.

Beaches Are Happy Places for Family Travel

Enjoy a cup of coffee on the beach while the kids play. Photo courtesy Carolee Chanona

As a guest at Belize’s Ray Caye Island Resort, you don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy the getaway you and the entire family has been dreaming about. The resort’s staff loves caring for family members of all ages. As a result, parents aren’t burdened with carpooling, kitchen chores, bed making, and other obligations that permeate daily life. And, thanks to all-inclusive family package deals that can be tailored to suit interests and skill levels, you can prearrange an itinerary that works for every family member.

Best of all, island activities are diverse enough to make everyone happy. They’ll also have every one tired out by day’s end, so lullabies probably won’t be needed before bedtime. Whether your desire is more cuddle time or there’s a book you’ve been eager to read but couldn’t find time to get past the first page, you can do it free from guilt for taking some “me time”.

Size really does matter

Photo by Duarte Dellarole

A small island delivers on everything parents seek when choosing a place to vacation. For one, it’s safe. Kids can’t wander off and get lost as they often do when booked at large mainland resorts. And because parents have no pressing responsibilities to worry about, sharing activities with their with kids is perhaps one of the best reasons of all to choose an island resort like Ray Caye.

While sequestering on an island like Ray Caye during your family travel, opportunities abound for bonding. That includes a  unique blend of experiences that no other type of destination can deliver.

Get your mini-pirates enthused about this one-of-a-kind holiday and there’s a good chance you could become a trendsetter among your community of friends in addition to engendering the appreciation of every member of your family.

Memory making? Expect this holiday to set the bar for every future family vacation down the road. That’s exactly why so many families return to Ray Caye, even as their kids get older.

Featured Photo: Snorkeling at the nearby Silk Cayes with Ray Caye Island Resort. All photos courtesy of property unless otherwise stated.

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