Traveling With Man’s Best Friend? Stay Pet-Friendly on Ambergris Caye

San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye has a large community of pet lovers and although there are no play areas like a dog park to keep them active, you can still find unique activities for man’s best friend. Whether it is to keep them healthy and in shape, our furry friends need to have some fun and we need to take them out now and then. If you are moving to Ambergris Caye or visiting and want to know how you could spoil your dog, here we share with you some of the best dog-friendly activities on Ambergris Caye.

Beach walks

Walking services are available in San Pedro. Image via Pampered Paws

There are no mountains on the island, so hiking may be out of the question. However, breezy walks along the miles of beach (depending on which part of the island you may be on) will make for a good workout for your dog and an opportunity for him or her to explore as well. This is a very popular activity usually in the evenings when pet owners would take their dogs for that anticipated evening stroll. Taking in the freshness of the evening wind and even enjoying a sunset. Trust me, your dog will wiggle that tail with tremendous joy as you spend another day in paradise. 

Fetch and swimming


Pups line off on the seaside promenade. Image via Pampered Paws

Fetch is a fun game to play with your dog, and if it is on the beach even better. Usually, you may use a ball or another toy, but in San Pedro, many opt for a coconut. Yes! A coconut! And it involves swimming as well. This is double fun for your dog as it dives into the water, sometimes fighting the waves, and swimming to fetch the floating coconut. The activity even turns into competition when there are two dogs and both swim for the coconut and then race back to shore and return it to their owner. Then the game starts all over again.

Day Care

Need doggy day care on Ambergris Caye? Image via Pampered Paws

If you need to head to work or need to be somewhere else and do not want to leave your dog alone at home, then take it to the daycare for some pampering. At Pampered Paws on Pescador Drive across from Atlantic Bank, dogs can get the ultimate treat when it comes to a shower, and get their nails done as well. They also get to mingle with other dogs and go on beach walks with their new friends. Training classes are also available, and your dog can learn new tricks. Some of the new things your dog can learn include sitting, rolling, building trust, and more obedience. 

Rolling with the dogs! Image via Pampered Paws

After all, dogs are more than just home pets. They need love, attention, and a healthy routine. Next time you are on the island with your dog, these are some of the activities you can treat your best friend to while enjoying this tropical paradise. Plus, check with your resort to see whether they’re a dog-friendly facility!  

Header image features Taco, the mascot of Matachica Resort. Written by Dion Vansen.

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