A Day At Moho Caye, Offshore Placencia

by Tanya McNab

Imagine the true definition of an untouched island. The simplicity of what an island should be: sun, sand, the ocean, palm trees, and hammocks — and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Moho Caye – a 12-acre private island that’s located 12 miles East of Placencia. So the first thing you should know is that even though this island is privately owned, it is open to the public to enjoy daily, but there are limits to its capacity so you can rest assured that there is never a day at ‘Moho’, as it’s referred to locally, that’s crowded. Locals and residents visit the island for free for groups less than 8 people.

For larger groups, the fee is $5 BZD and for visitors, it’s $20 BZD / $10 USD. Even though the island is largely untouched, Moho does have a few amenities on the island to make your day more fun – and if you’re adventurous, you could book a camping trip overnight on Moho. Visit www.mohocayebelize.com for more information on camping or visiting in general.

Amenities on the Island

Venturing out to Moho Caye. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

You’ll find Picnic tables, Beach Chairs/Loungers, Hammocks, Beach Volleyball, BBQ Grills, Corn Hole and restroom facilities. Moho Caye does not have a restaurant or bar on the island, so please be sure to bring your daily provisions when heading out to Moho Caye and most importantly, when you leave please take all your trash with you. Moho Caye is aiming to be a plastic-free island; so please do your part in helping us keep our reefs healthy and clean.
Snorkeling is pristine right off the island; the waters are crystal clear and fly fishing is also very popular around the flats of the island. It’s a great location for a day trip from Placencia because the travel time is very short and you can find many of the popular daily activities all in one spot! Moho Caye does not offer transportation to the island but boats are welcome to come and visit every day of the week – for a list of recommended boat captains and tour operators to make your trip possible click here: https://www.mohocayebelize.com/transportation

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