An Unforgettable Experience for the Belizean Traveller: Discover Chan Chich Lodge

by Khaila Gentle

A secluded stay in the heart of the rainforest – it makes for a truly transcendental escape. And, it’s one that local travellers can enjoy for less this summer thanks to Chan Chich Lodge. Starting this May, residents of Belize can enjoy a two night stay at this enchanting Belize lodge by booking the Belizean traveller package.

So, pack your hiking shoes, your best camera, and your sense of wanderlust, and prepare to embark on a rejuvenative staycation inside of La Selva Maya.

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Unique Experiences Await at Chan Chich Lodge

Belize is blessed with bounteous natural beauty, and Chan Chich Lodge might just be one of the greatest examples of that. From large shimmering lakes to wide expanses of rainforest, it’s the perfect place to disconnect from it all and commune with nature.

Take a tour of the nearby Maya site, or venture farther with a guide for close encounters with some of Belize’s most rarely seen wildlife. Chan Chich Lodge offers a wide array of tours and experiences, including a thrilling night safari that is sure to leave you in awe.

About Chan Chich Lodge

Set inside acres upon acres of lush Maya forest, Chan Chich feels as if it’s worlds away. In fact, the journey there, which involves a drive through Spanish Lookout (or Orange Walk, depending on what route you take) is a part of the exciting experience.

Enjoy watching how Belize’s diverse landscapes shift before your eyes. Wide open pastures and farmland quickly change into dense broadleaf forest. Keep your eyes open for wildlife sightings along the road – an experience that will continue even during your stay.

At the lodge, farm fresh meals, cozy accommodations, and endless adventure await. Whether you enjoy basking in the sounds and sights of nature or exploring all that Belize has to offer, Chan Chich offers wonderful experiences for even the most intrepid Belizean traveller.

Listen for the calls of howler monkeys and ocellated turkeys in the morning. Learn about Belize’s big cats, and hope to snag a rare sighting of the elusive jaguar. Go horseback riding through the rainforest. Visit the Gallon Jug farm. Enjoy drinks on Laguna Verde at sunset followed by a bonfire. Or, simply do nothing at all and enjoy a relaxing staycation.

Explore This Hidden Gem With a Local Package

With the Belizean Traveller package, guests can enjoy a two night (or more) staycation for $300 per day. And, for $50 per day, all meals are included, with those for children under the age of 12 being completely free.

There’s no experience quite as rewarding as being able to discover – or rediscover – the gem that we are able to call home. This summer, take a break from the monotony of the daily grind and book yourself a momentary escape that is sure to be memorable.

Photos courtesy of Chan Chich Lodge. Are you a Belizean Traveller? Keep up to date with local discounts offered throughout the country here

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