Belize’s Coral Caye in Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Outrageous Villas

Throughout the past year, many travelers have been hunkering down and dreaming about future bucket-list trips. But there are travel lists and then there are the real-deal bucket lists, the kind of places that mere mortals can only fantasize about—places that attract the truly rich and famous. Lucky for the uber-wealthy, many countries around the world are open—and that’s where the demand for ultra-private experiences comes in. Billionaire travelers are turning to hotels that offer the privacy of self-contained villas with all the access to the amenities and top-notch services of a luxury hotel. As you can imagine, many of these villas are exceptionally over the top.

Here, Forbes takes a closer look at six destinations around the world, including Belize, where Americans can travel right now. Not to mention, some of the most outrageous places to stay in each place. And even if these swank pads are beyond your budget, this list still provides some enticing eye-candy that you’ll want to put on your own bucket list.

The Destination: Belize’s  Coral Caye, a Coppola Hideaway

Want to get a taste of what it is like to be a castaway? At Coral Caye, an intimate island off the coast of Belize, your only neighbors are exotic birds. Coral Caye is a luxurious escape from the Family Coppola Hideaway group (think Francis Ford Coppola) and is located just a short 25-minute boat ride from the docks of its sister property, the Turtle Inn resort. Combining the exclusivity of a private island retreat with the amenities of a full-fledged resort, Coral Caye has an on-call caretaker who will provide meals and help see guests off on the day’s excursions, plus optional butlers and dedicated chefs if you want to keep your vacation decidedly luxe. The island’s two cottages can sleep up to 12, and the central Great House features indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Header photo courtesy Coppola Hideaways. Read more on Forbes’ recount of Belize and other outrageous villa destinations originally published here.

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