Belize Bucket List Holidays Boom for 2021

by Vivian Roe

Following news that a vaccine for COVID-19 is on the way, travel in 2021 appears to be looking up. Particularly, the trend for big bucket list holidays.

“In 2021, big bucket list trips are proving to be in high demand, with people wanting to fulfil that trip of a lifetime,” according to Louise Roe, Owner of boutique travel agency, ROEming Belize. “A lack of travel from the past year, larger disposable incomes from prolonged savings and an increased appetite for wanderlust will see people searching for bigger and better holidays. Four or five-star hotels or luxury options in exotic destinations, private island escapes and boat charters and 2- or 3-week holidays are all really popular requests [I’ve seen] for 2021.”

To inspire your bucket list dreaming further, Muy’Ono Resorts has curated a number of ultimate travel experiences. Each show off the very best of Belize. From private island rentals, to jungle honeymoons and scuba diving retreats, here are their bucket list holidays we are ogling for 2021.

The Ultimate Travel Experiences by Muy’Ono Resorts

The Rock & Reef Package

This package combines two resorts into one perfect vacation. Spend seven nights in Belize, four on an island at Thatch Caye Resort then three in the jungle at Copal Tree Lodge. Whether you are hoping to zip line across tree tops or snorkel the Belize barrier reef, you will have access to all the incredible activities available in Belize. Even better, this is an all-inclusive package!

Private Island Rentals

Live out your overwater bungalow or island cabana daydreams at Thatch Caye – an all-inclusive Muy’Ono Resort.

That daydream about living on a beautiful private island with just your friends and family is about to become a reality. From destination weddings to corporate retreats, Muy’Ono can host it all. Your party can choose between two private islands, depending on size. Similarly, your vacation can be designed to be all-inclusive.

Island Scuba Diving  

underwater stingray ranguana caye

Swimming with the rays. © Justin David Baluch

So you love to dive, dive, and dive some more? Then this one is for you. Seven nights on a private island on the fringes of the Belize Barrier Reef. And five days of dives – a diver’s dream come true!

Muy’Ono also offers a Hopkins Scuba Diving Package if you prefer to stay mainland.

Romantic Jungle Escapes

Stargaze with your loved ones at Copal Tree Lodge.

Yes, 2021 is definitely the year for the ultimate romantic trips! Whilst honeymooning is a Muy’Ono specialty, this package is also perfect for anniversaries, celebrations, or “just because we’re finally on vacation.” Choose between two different packages, each infused with love and passion.

Muy’Ono are making these bucket list holidays even more tempting with their 5th Night Free offer. For more information or to book, one of these ultimate vacation experiences, visit their website.

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