Belize Public Holidays for 2020

by McNab Editorial Team
2020 public holidays

When compared to other countries, Belize has a large number of public holidays throughout the year. This is an exceptionally great thing for locals and tourists alike because this means vacation time! Or a mini-vacation at least. Belizeans look forward to public holidays for spending time with family, going to events/festivals, or traveling this beautiful jewel. Here are the 2020 Public & Bank Holidays to make note of on your calendar. 


1stNew Year’s Day in Belize is spent by having barbeques and enjoying time with your family. As well for many locals, they look forward to two of the biggest New Year’s Day races which are: Horse Racing in Burrel Boom and Krem New Year’s Cycling Classic.  


9th – National Heroes and Benefactors Day is spent by first commemorating Baron Bliss (who willed large sums of money into building Belize) and laying a wreath on his grave. During the weekend of this holiday, there are the La Ruta Maya boat race and kite festivals; these are both exciting events for both locals and tourists. 


10th – Good Friday is a very peaceful day and is mostly spent attending church in the morning. On this day families have their cross buns and fish prepared to eat throughout the day.  

13th – Easter Monday is the last of the Easter celebrations and is mainly spent with families or there are some towns and villages that host fairs and dances.  


1st – Labour Day is a holiday to celebrate workers and workers’ unions.  

25thSovereign’s Day is to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, as well as celebrating the Commonwealth of Nations which Belize is a part. This is just another recreational holiday for Belizeans. 


10th – St. George’s Caye Day represents the Battle of St. George’s Caye and is commemorated by a huge parade throughout the streets of Belize.  

21st – Independence Day is celebrated greatly throughout the country with a large uniform parade in Belize City; carnivals in Orange Walk, San Pedro, and Placencia; and a parade in Benque Viejo del Carmen.  


12th – Pan American Day normally falls on a long weekend which makes it perfect for many to go away for three days.  


19thGarifuna Settlement Day celebrates the arrival of the Garifuna people into Belize. This day is greatly celebrated and appreciated by all Belizeans and is spent by having many events throughout Belize, especially in the Stann Creek District. 


25th – Christmas Day is spent similar to those internationally; simply enjoying time with your loved ones. 

26th – Boxing Day  

Written by Reyann Garcia

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