Romance in Belize

If a tropical paradise is on your list to tie the knot – then you should put Belize on the top of your list for so many reasons. Due to our tiny size, yet diverse landscape, you can get married in Belize under a waterfall in the rainforest, on a private beach for 2 (or 50), on a Maya Ruin, or in the middle of the ocean. Also, please don’t worry if you’re concerned about planning while you’re back at home. Belize has a healthy dose of very capable planners and event vendors who can help you plan every detail of your wedding day.

So a couple things you should know before starting:

  1. Weddings in Belize can be as little as 2 people. If you’re not into big crowds, Belize offers many untouched spots to get married. You are required to have two witnesses present on the big day, but planners in Belize can work on providing this for you.

  2. Your Belize wedding can be as grand as you would like it to be! Weddings up to 400 guests take place in the country and there are venues that can accommodate large groups.

  3. You can get married in Belize and go on your honeymoon all at the same time; you only need to arrive 3 days in advance of your wedding.

  4. Wedding ceremonies in Belize are internationally recognized.

  5. Be sure you have all your certified documents ready to get married in Belize. Below is a (short) list for your reference: 
    • Your passport and Birth Certificate – All documents required must be original documents or certified copies.
    • Citizenship – there are no specific residency requirements to get married in Belize.
    • Marital status – If you were previously married or widowed, you will need your divorce or death certificates.
    • Must be 18 years or older, otherwise you will require parental consent.

  6. There are 2 types of wedding permits in Belize. A normal permit, which requires 3 full business days, and an expedited permit that can be applied paying an extra fee and you can get married the same day.