The 2019 BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge – May 22 – May 27

by McNab Editorial Team

Wondering what to do this weekend? Join in on a sea race that promotes Belize’s Beautiful Coastline

The Challenge

Six days of kayaking and long grueling hours under the callous and blistering sun. Covering a distance of 218 miles against strong winds in the open sea. From South to North of Belize the BTB Love Belize Challenge is an excruciating feat with an innovative and meaningful objective.

It will begin May 22nd and end the 27th, 2019 to coincide with the Commonwealth Day holiday weekend. The race begins in Punta Gorda Town and ends in Corozal.

Besides providing a truly unforgettable lifetime experience, the race aims to promote Belize as a key tourism destination for paddlers and kayakers. Also to underscore Belize’s rich and effervescent culture and history. This includes celebrating the food, music, and traditions of many communities along the coastline while creating environmental awareness with paddlers and fans on the importance of protecting Belize’s natural and cultural resources. The tag for this year is to promote, explore and conserve. It also provides visiting teams with an entirely unique Belizean experience.

Expectations for 2019

The 218-mile kayak race is a joint venture between the Belize Tourism Board and Love FM. This year marks the second year of the race. 2019 promises to be even bigger and better with participation from strong international competitors. promote explore and conserve.

According to Julia Carillo, who sits on the organizing committee, “due to the long distance of the race, an extra day of paddling is added in 2019; the race was initially five days. International participation is expected to result in fierce competition among the participating teams. As part of the newly added attractions, the route of the race will go as close as possible to the shoreline. This is so that people residing along the coast will be able to greatly enjoy the race.”

There will be three different categories of competitors, namely male, female and mixed teams. There will also be $30,000 available in cash prize and trophies.

The Belize Coast Guard A team won the first BTB love Belize Sea Challenge. They completed the race in 36 hours 59 minutes and 14 seconds. The time record for the female category is 54 hours 44 minutes and 38 seconds by the Belize Coast Guard‘s Delta Squad.

The Love Belize Challenge promises to be a thrilling adrenaline-charged and unforgettable kayak race!

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