Belize Chocolate Festival – May 24th – May 25th

by McNab Editorial Team
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Calling all the chocolate lovers to Belize for a unique festival. This year’s Chocolate Festival will start on Friday the 24th to Saturday the 25th of May. That’s right its this weekend! Head down to Punta Gorda in the Toledo District to experience this festival.

Photo courtesy: Leonardo Melendez

Why you must attend the festival?

The history of Chocolate goes far back to the ancient Mayas. They used the cacao beans as a form of currency. Ever since they found out about this delicious treat everyone has developed a taste for chocolate.

Truly, some of the best chocolates around the world originated in Belize. To show everyone about the cacao production in Belize, farmers from the Toledo district came together to celebrate chocolate as a festival. This festival started in 2007 and this year marks the 13th anniversary of this annual event. Taste delicious desserts made by locals and apart from that, you can even find soap made from chocolate! There are many more things that are made from cacao for everyone to enjoy and can be found at this tasty festival. Your taste buds will run wild as you indulge in all the chocolate treats available.

Fun fact: it takes 500 cacao bean to make 1 pound of chocolate.

What to look out for at this chocolate festival?

Want to know what’s happening during those days? Well, on Friday you can enjoy a wine and chocolate gala starting at 7 pm-midnight. Head to Garbutt’s Marine to enjoy this Gala with talented Belizean Artists and band. Buy your ticket now!

On Saturday a taste of Toledo Street Fair starts at 10 am – 6 pm. This fair is going to be filled with fun activities with all things chocolate. Enjoy the chocolate drinks, food, chocolate products and chocolate making demonstrations which will all be at this fair. Get yourself into a competition to win prizes! Bring the family out to have a chocolate blast together. The fair is on the Front Street of Punta Gorda Town. You definitely don’t want to miss this one of a kind event.

Photo Courtesy: Leonardo Melendez

How to get there?

The quickest way to get to there is by flying with Maya Island Air or Tropic to Punta Gorda. If you have time on your hands, take the scenic route and drive. Whether catching a local bus or renting a car the drive is roughly four and a half to five hours from Belize City. James Bus Line offers an express service to Punta Gorda, making for the best economical option.

If you want to mark your calendars for the events happening around Belize for the rest of the year then follow the link for a guide on other events.

Written by CC+L editorial team
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