Celebrating 70 Years With Travellers Liquors: Here’s A Travellers Rum for Every Palate

by Khaila Gentle

Travellers Liquors is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Join in on the fun by finding out which Travellers rum is right for you. Plus, keep reading to learn about the special surprise that this Belizean-owned rum distillery has in store for September 6th.

Which Travellers Liquors Rum Is Right for You

Looking for some new libations to imbibe this month? Then you’re in luck. Rum in itself is known for its varied styles and flavors. And, in Belize and beyond, Travellers Liquors Ltd is renowned for its wide array of rums (plus wines and liqueurs, too). Having served the country for seventy years now, this Belizean rum company definitely knows its way around finely aged spirits. If you’re not sure which Travellers rum is right for you and your tastes, fret not. Here are our recommendations for Travellers products to suit every palate and personality:

For the One With a Sweet Tooth

Travellers’ award-winning Kuknat Rum is an excellent choice for anyone who likes their spirits on the sweeter side of things. Made with natural coconut essences, this flavored rum is best enjoyed in a pina colada or the local favorite – panty rippa.

For the One Who Likes to Keep It Simple

Go back to basics with Belize’s first (and favorite) aged rum. One Barrel Rum, aged for a year, has been snagging awards since 1990. Its flavor notes include toffee, sweet caramel, oak, and tobacco. Enjoy it on its own or in a mixed drink.

For the Lover of All Things Vintage

Released in honor of Travellers founder Don Omario Perdomo, this vintage rum was first hand-crafted and aged by Perdomo himself. With earthy notes and hints of coffee and chocolate, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has no problem splurging on a fine vintage blend.

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For the Belize-fanatic

From Marie Sharp’s pepper sauce to the Flavors of Belize Cookbook, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a “taste of Belize” while at home. If you love all things Belize, then there’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate having Travellers Liquors’ Belizean Rum as a part of your collection. This gold rum is inspired by Belize, with varied labels that each celebrate a part of Belize’s culture and heritage. Have fun collecting all the labels!

For the One Who Has It All

If you’re looking for a truly unique and limited edition experience, Travellers has got that covered, too. Just last year, the local distillery launched its special, handcrafted Belizean Blue rum. And, they have something extra special in store this year too. Find out what it is on Wednesday, September 6, when Travellers will be celebrating its 70th year in the business in style.

Celebrate 70 Years With Travellers on September 6th

Rum lovers across Belize and beyond are eagerly anticipating the launch of a brand new rum by Travellers Liquors. As for the name and details of the company’s latest addition to its already diverse collection, it will all be unveiled on September 6th at the Travellers Heritage Museum.


Can’t make it?  Travellers will also be going live on their official Facebook page during the event. From the team here at Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle, cheers to 70 years of Travellers Liquors!

Featured Photo by Island Bway Photography 

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