Carnival Season Is in Full Swing: Join in on the Revelry With Belize Carnivals

by Khaila Gentle

It’s official: Belize is in September celebration mode. The coming weeks are set to be loaded with fun festivals and events, all leading up to Independence Day on September 21st. Belize isn’t the only place where the festivities are in full swing: from Notting Hill in London to Brooklyn, New York, it’s carnival season all around. But, if you’re a lover of some good old-fashioned Caribbean bacchanal, now’s your chance to get in on the revelry, especially considering that Belize has not one but several carnivals lined up for September.

From Belize City to Placencia: Get Into the Season of “Bacchanal”

Belize City Carnival 2022. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board.

Without a doubt, Belizeans love their carnival. You can expect at least three major carnival parades to take place across the country this month. It all kicks off on Saturday, September 9th with the Belize City Carnival, one of the biggest and oldest of them all. For many, it’s an all-day affair, starting at the crack of dawn with Jou’vert and ending with the crowning of this year’s top carnival groups.

Later, on September 21st, it’s full Independence Day celebrations all over the country with both Placencia and Orange Walk hosting their respective carnivals on this date.

Down south, head to the Placencia Peninsula for colors and Caribbean music, complete with decked-out floats and golf carts. When it’s all done, head to the point of the peninsula for beachside bar hopping and foam parties galore.

Or, venture up north to Belize’s “Shuga City”. Orange Walk has often been praised for its lively Independence Day carnival parade. Start your day off with some delectable Orange Walk-style tacos. Then join in on the fun and watch as revelers flood the town streets with color and music.

Apart from these three, San Pedro, Cayo, and even the Corozal District will be having their own carnivals. That means there will be plenty of Belize carnivals to go around!

What to Expect from Belize Carnivals

Placencia Carnival 2019. Photo by Kevin Quischan (@belizemytravels)

If you’re a follower of all things carnival, you might have already gotten glimpses of what to expect in Belize. Put simply though, carnival is a love letter to Caribbean culture – it’s all-around fun for everyone. Here, it’s also an ode to the country’s history and its independence, taking place each year in September.

No matter which carnival you plan to go watch this month in Belize, anticipate rhythmic soca music pouring through speakers. You might even hear a couple of Punta songs sprinkled in here and there. Watch as revelers, draped in a rainbow of colors, feathers, and beads make their way through the streets, drinks in hand and maybe a whistle in their mouth.

Not in the carnival mood yet? Get prepped with a soca music mix. See you “on the road” this September in Belize!

Featured Photo by Kevin Quischan Photography / @belizemytravels (Placencia Carnival 2019)

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