See For Yourself Why Consejo in Corozal Is Called “The Little Haven”

by Larry Waight
consejo corozal belize

If you travel south from the Belize-Mexico border, you will run into the scenic coastal settlement known as Consejo Village in Corozal. Consejo is a quiet place that is home to Belizean and expat alike. While it offers no large shopping complexes, Consejo has several small eateries like the Buccaneer Palapa and New Millenium Restaurants. When people need to get a fix of the big city, they just head two miles over to Chetumal, Mexico. Alternately, those looking to stay within Belize will take the 20 minute trip to Corozal Town. There, they can get all of their banking and shopping done.

Corozal in Northern Belize

Corozal Belize northern consejo

Photo by The Bay City – Corozal (via Facebook)

What makes Corozal and ultimately Consejo so appealing, especially to retirees, is its proximity to Mexico. American and Canadian retirees love to come here to escape the chilly weather and high cost of living back home and surround themselves in a chill atmosphere, balmy temperatures and lush beauty. In truth, the heavy interest in North American retirees has helped to transform a small fishing and cane farming spot into a robust community full of kindly people and plenty of options for anyone with a taste for real estate.

The best way to get a feel for Consejo is to walk or drive through it. Most spots are in excellent condition with good landscaping. In short, you will be hard-pressed to find an unappealing home in Consejo. Another option is to buy a lot of land and build your on home on top of it. Just beware that seafront property is always a premium.

Notable Areas in Consejo, Corozal
  • Consejo Shores is the oldest and most established expat community in the area. 
  • Consejo Village is the northernmost settlement in Belize. 
  • Mayan Seaside and Wagner’s Landing are found north of Consejo Village and undergoing continual development. 
  • Buccaneer Bay is in a promising location for future development. 
  • Yakuna Bay is the newest development within the area. 

Not everyone needs to be blasted with glitz and glamour when they travel. For those people, the ones who just want a place to chill out for a day or two, Consejo is just the right spot. You come to Consejo in Corozal to relax and the lack of any local attractions means that your reasons to come here are to find a home or visit some expat friends who decided to stay here. 


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