Embrace the Digital Nomad Life at Belize’s La Perla Del Caribe

by Larry Waight

The consensus is in: working from home, rather than commuting to an office, is a trend that’s predicted to remain strong. And lately, plenty of creative people have been realizing that “home” is anywhere they want it to be–as long as there’s a strong WIFI connection. That, of course, includes even popular travel destinations like Belize. If you’re hoping to work where you vacation this year, look to Ambergris Caye’s all-villa La Perla del Caribe for all your digital nomad needs. 

The Best Destination for Digital Nomads

How does working by the pool sound? Photo by La Perla del Caribe

Heading for Asia, Europe, and other distant places may sound attractive, but do you really want to spend an eternity getting back home to spend time with family, and friends, or to check in with clients or employers? Instead, take your laptop (and aspirations) to Belize. It’s so close to North America that getting back for visits takes only a few hours.

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You’ll need the right environment to get your work done, and on sunny Ambergris Caye, La Perla Del Caribe makes it easy to strike the perfect work/fun balance. Five miles north of the charming town of San Pedro, this luxury all-villa resort is postcard perfect, boasting scenic seaside views and more.

Photo by Duarte Dellarole / La Perla del Caribe

There are only 12 villas on the grounds so work won’t be interrupted by crowds. Still, whenever guests need a well-deserved break, they can turn to La Perla’s luxury concierge service to help book massages, in-villa dining, and much more. In addition to working in a nation that’s home to mild year-round temperatures, digital nomads on Ambergris Caye get to enjoy meeting like-minded people, and immersing themselves in plenty of culture and adventure.

Your Dream Digital Nomad Life Isn’t Far Away

Photo by La Perla del Caribe

Becoming a digital nomad requires preparation, a focused mindset, and contacts willing to keep you busy with work or a project that requires your undivided attention, but with more and more people finding that this way of life is not just possible but fabulous, you could discover that operating from a rental at La Perla Del Caribe can cost less than living in a major metro area where rent, food, and other expenses are currently tough to budget for.

In Belize, the currency exchange rate is simple, the cost of living is low, and you can do your thing in the company of a growing community of ex-pats who have found in Belize the lifestyle they dreamed about, all the while proving that you can make it on your own. Making contact is your first step to realizing your ambition. Book your extended stay at La Perla here. Or, inquire more by emailing [email protected] to move things along faster. Belize is calling!

Featured: Villa Emerald. Photo courtesy of La Perla del Caribe

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