Ditch The Cold This Thanksgiving and Feast on Turkey at a Jungle Resort in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez

Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner where you don’t have to cook (or worse, clean up). If you ask us, that sounds like everyone’s dream. Traveling back home for Thanksgiving may be the norm for many families, but have you ever considered a Thanksgiving getaway? Booking a Fall family vacation somewhere tropical is the perfect segue into the cold holiday season. One of the major perks is getting to spend Turkey Day enjoying the food with amazing views sans stress-cooking. While Belize may not necessarily celebrate Thanksgiving to the degree America does, we’ll never turn down an excuse to scarf down some turkey. When it comes to finding the perfect place in Belize to spend this national holiday, look no further than the acclaimed San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Indulging in food that delights 

Endearingly referred to as the only jungle in town, the historic San Ignacio Resort Hotel (SIRH) is notable for a reason. And many agree it may have nothing to do with their stunning suites. The hotel’s on-site restaurant is a major draw to the resort, having won awards for their non-traditional takes on traditional foods. On an average day, Running W restaurant garners praise for their perfectly prepared authentic cuisines. Now imagine what that’ll be like when it comes to a Thanksgiving dinner. For this year’s holiday, the restaurant will be presenting guests with a traditional turkey dinner. Imagine, fine dining outdoors with the fresh, jungle breeze ruffling the nearby trees.

But you don’t have to wait until dinnertime to enjoy Running W’s sweeping views of the jungle surrounding it. For breakfast, expect the visit of an Aracari toucan or two as they perch on the railings somewhere above you. For lunchtime, keep a lookout for Keel-Billed toucans flitting by from treetop to treetop. Trust us, when it’s time to share what you’re thankful for during dinner, you won’t have to think twice. 

A Thanksgiving Deal you can’t say no to 

As if the “dinner with a view” aspect isn’t enough to get you to come, SIRH is also offering a special Fall discount for the entire month of November. Rooms start at as little as $168 since the hotel is offering a whopping 30% discount. Now is the perfect time to book that much-needed family – or couple’s – getaway you’ve been dreaming of. Can’t make it this month? Don’t fret, because the deals keep coming. SIRH is also running a special discount throughout December and into 2022, as well! If Turkey Day at San Ignacio Town isn’t in the books this year, there’s always New Year’s Eve at the award-winning hotel. 

Your Gateway to Belize 

San Ignacio resort pool

Why San Ignacio Resort, you may ask? Apart from the eclectic wildlife mere steps away from your room, staying at SIRH grants you a convenient compilation of activities nearby. San Ignacio Town acts as a central hub to most of the country, making it the perfect base in Western Belize. Just a few minutes away are towering Maya sites waiting for you to explore them. Right on site is the Green Iguana Conservation Project, a great way to make some green, scaly friends. So for Thanksgiving, instead of parking yourself on the couch to stare at football like you normally would, you can go zip-lining or cave-tubing. For after-dinner dessert, switch out pumpkin pie for some chocolate by taking an authentic chocolate-making tour right in town. The possibilities are endless, and if nothing else, being able to say you spent Thanksgiving Day in the jungles of Belize is a major flex on its own. 

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