Toucans Join You For Breakfast at this Eco-Resort in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez
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In an unspoiled country like Belize, it’s easy to be swooned by the eco-consciousness surrounding many of the accommodations. As more practice sustainable travel, it’s no surprise nature and wildlife are on the checklist for conscious travelers. Luckily, many say Belize has been leagues ahead in that department, and San Ignacio Resort Hotel is definitive proof of that. San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s luxurious suites and warm hospitality in Western Belize aren’t even the best part: a front-row seat to wildlife, including toucans, is.

Established in 1976, SIRH has stood as a proud testament to sustainable tourism for decades in the heart of San Ignacio Town. The award-winning hotel houses only 27 rooms across 17 acres, a shining factor in a social-distancing era. The property is a proud home to rehabilitated Green Iguanas and even has medicinal trails available. The luxurious suites and warm hospitality keep guests coming back for more. But the icing on the cake when enjoying a delicious breakfast platter from the Running W Restaurant? Nonchalantly birding, with the comfort of an ice-cold Chaya smoothie in one hand, and binoculars in the other.

A Haven For Wildlife

toucan pair san ignacio resort hotel
A pair of toucans. Image courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel
Gaze at orioles from the veranda. Photo by SIRH

Seeing the sun rays make their way over the rainforest canopy is enough to warrant an outdoor breakfast every day. A detail many first-time guests notice as they wait for their beans and fry jack is a nearby whiteboard with curious information. Upon a closer look, guests will notice a bird-spotting tally showing the different species the staff has seen that day. Fun fact: the resort has recorded an impressive 241 species of birds at its property!

san Ignacio hotel

Much to avid birders’ delight, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a Belize haven for vibrant avian wildlife like toucans, but at all hours of the day. In the mornings, it’s not unusual to have a few plumed greeters on your balcony. At breakfast, expect a colorful display from showy Keel-Billed Toucans nibbling fruit on nearby trees. Take up the bird-watching tour offered at the resort and check Warblers, Collared Aracaris, and Woodpeckers off your list. Just from lounging by the pool, we’re sure you’ll spot a Blue Tanager or two. In fact, the property is so saturated with the feathered fellas, that it was the ideal place to host the annual Belize Birding Festival in 2019! Talk about a birder’s paradise.

Belize: A Birder’s Paradise

birding tour guide san ignacio resort hotel

Belize itself boasts nearly 600 bird species, so why not knock a couple hundred off by staying at this jungle base? If the green iguanas, national-bird sightings, or to-die-for cuisine is not impressive enough, SIRH is a Gold Standard certified hotel. This means you can enjoy waking up to the twittering sounds of Flycatchers every morning while knowing you’re in safe and capable hands.

Header image of Collared Aracaris perched on the balcony at SIRH. Photo courtesy property.

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