Wed on a Whim: Elope in Belize

by Carolee Chanona
tiger fern elope belize confetti
Who doesn’t love good news? Especially right now, when so much feels so heavy. While staying updated with current news and events is important, so is maintaining hope. What’s more hopeful that a couple deciding to tie the knot during a global pandemic? To say that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the wedding plans of those planning a big celebration would be a dramatic understatement. To that end, many have across the industry has seen a spike in elopement requests – regardless of whether that’s in 2020 or 2021. If you’ve had to adjust your special day, consider an elopement in Belize; think micro-wedding in the rainforest or on the sandbars of Belize.

Eloping in Belize with a micro-wedding

elope couple San Pedro matachica

A couple elopes at Matachica Resort, Ambergris Caye. Photo courtesy Jose Luis Photography

By definition, eloping translates to slipping away for marriage without the knowledge of others. Bigger isn’t always better. Intrinsically, smaller intimate celebrations will take the lead with the insurgence of more experiential weddings becoming popular. Instead, plan a creative and innovative way of celebrating your love by what makes your relationship unique.

elope to belize copal article

“The first vacation my husband and I took together was a fly-fishing adventure; our shared interest in [the hobby] is how we built a special connection. Over the next three years we fished all over the world and fell in love with it—and each other.”

Sarah and Steve had already booked a trip to Belize to go fishing, and about a month before their departure date, something changed at dinner. Their original thought of a small Maine wedding on a troutpond switched by the end of that evening to an email asking Copal Tree Lodge three things: Can we get married while we’re there? How much will it cost? And will it take away from the fishing time? Here’s how their experience was once they decided to elope in Belize.

“We didn’t tell a soul. It felt special and true to who we are as a couple. It felt right. Steve wore a white linen shirt with a permit fish pinned to his pocket, and I had a bouquet that the hotel staff had made from local jungle flowers. The chef made us a gorgeous wedding cake that we shared with some of the other anglers we met on our trip. Our marriage license has toucans on it, and we arrived home on a Saturday with beer koozies made up that read: ‘Belize it or not! On June 19th, 2019, Sarah and Steve became bride and groom!'”

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